Top Ten Myths about India That You Should Unlearn

In every subject, myths always increase the fear of unknown and are always counterproductive. This article talks about the myths related to tourism in India. These myths have stopped millions of people from visiting India. Today, by the end of this article, you would be unlearning a lot of myths.

India Is Unsafe

Like every other country in the world, there are certain cities and places in India where crime rate is very high and it is not safe to travel alone in those places. If you stick with busy areas and important tourist attractions, you would always be around people and you would obviously be in safe zone. Moreover, your belongings are your responsibility.

India Is Hot

India has a tropical climate. India is not completely hot. There are places where it snows. The Northern part of India has very cold winters will lead to snow. Certain parts of the country have very hot climate which might lead to dehydration too. At any given month, each part of the country would be experiencing different climatic conditions. Thus, it is not always hot or rainy or cold in India. It depends on the place you are about to pick.

Indian Cuisine Is Very Spicy

Indian cuisine is a collection of more than 25 different cuisines. Each state has its own list of delicacies, sweets and other flavours. It is true that Indians eat spicy food. This does not mean the cuisine itself is very spicy. North Andhra Pradesh cuisine, West Bengal cuisine and Gujarati cuisines have more sweet and sour food items than spicy items.

India Is The Land Of Elephant And Snake Charmers

It is a stereotypical and bit racist. India is one of the few places where you can find a lot of elephants. This does not mean everyone in the country would be riding an elephant. There are elephant camps in various places like Kerala, Karnataka and others where you can watch them take bath, feed them, enjoy playing with cubs and even ride them. You can find them in temples, national parks and zoos. You would find many snake charmers in Rajasthan, Mumbai, Delhi and other parts of the country. It is a very common street entertainment in those places. But, this does not mean you can find them in every street in the country.

India Is Very Over-Populated

Indian population has crossed 1.2 billion long ago. But, it is not jet packed or crowded. There are places where you can find serenity and loneliness for some family time. During festivals, events and other celebrations, you can find large crowds and it would be very crowded in tourist destinations during peak tourism season. In the same tone, do not get confused with the pictures that you see in FaceBook about trains in Mumbai. Trains in Mumbai might be crowded during the peak time. You can have very relaxing train journey in Mumbai if you skip the morning and evening peak times.

Indians Are Vegetarians

Certain groups of people in India prefer vegetarian food. This does not mean that everyone in India is a vegetarian. Eating certain meat is restricted by religion. But, there is a right in this country to eat anything you want. You can find a lot of non-vegetarian hotels and many dishes including sea food, lamb, chicken, pork, beef and other local animals.

All Indians Are Yoga Specialists

There are a lot of Indians who do not know to perform yoga and many Indian do not like them too. It is a land of yoga. There are a lot of yoga centres where you can learn and practice it from specialists. Top yoga tourism places in India are Rishikesh, Pondicherry, Dharamsala and others. Moreover, yoga has nothing to do with any particular religion. A person from any religion can practice yoga. It is a form of meditation and exercise.

India Is Dirty

Just like every other country; there are a lot of slum areas where sanitation is a big question. India has grown a lot in terms of sanitation. The entire country is not unclean just like other famous tourist areas like Egypt, America, Mexico and others. Pollution laws in the country are bit flexible. This does not mean that you can pollute the country as you wish or the country would be sickly dirty.

Communication Is A Problem In India

A lot of Indians know English. Even if their accent is quite not like Americans or British, you can understand them. There are a lot of people who speak Russian, French and other languages. You can find guides in almost all common languages. While speaking to common people, stick with English.

India Is A Cheap Destination

India is a cheap medical tourism place. This does not mean that it is a cheap destination. It is a mixture of both. Yes, there are a lot of places where you can enjoy in a shoe string budget. At the same time, there are many luxurious places too. One of the world’s costliest luxury trains is running in India. There are resorts, spa, luxury destinations and much more. On the other hand, you can stay in monasteries, camps and in budget lodging. There are travel agencies that cater the needs of both the kinds of travellers too. There are a lot of other stereotypical and racist myths about India like whole India being Hindu nation, anything can be done with bribe and others. Each Myth is pushing you away from an awesome Indian vacation. Learn about the land you are about to enter. Understand their culture, tradition and stick to the basic rules of their customs to avoid any problem. After all, India is a land of many cultures and everyone in the country would respect your culture too.

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