Top Places to visit in Central Europe

Travelling in Europe is full of beauty, adventure and exitement. I had travelled almost 4 continents. Among them some destinations I travelled by Conducted Tour and some I travelled self. In self traveling, you can visit places as you wish. You can change your destination places according to situation, economical condition and your mindset. Before start a Travel you have to make study of the destinations you want to vist.

Europe is a big continent. Hence, while travelling in Europe we have to make 2 parts of it to see maximum destinations. First part is Central Europe and second is Costal Europe. Central Europe consist countries like Germany, Chez Republic, Austria and the beautiful Switzerland !  These countries have history, art, culture and beauty. These are the countries which have ruins of World War like Germany and Chez Republic, the country having art and culture like Austria and the the country having scenic beauty like Switzerland !  Get the guidance of the top places to visit in Central Europe.

# Frankfurt

A Glass Building having Unique Design

Hurrah !! Getting exitement of the European Countries. Let’s see Germany. In Germany first visit Frankfurt. Frankfurt is well planned city. It is established on both the sides of ‘Rhain’ river. Frankfurt is famous for all banking transaction of Germany. City had absorbed about 120 banks. The population of the city was around 5 lakhs. It includes old as well as new sky scrapers. You can find scenic beauty on both side of river. In Frankfurt you can get Germany’s famous ‘Borga‘beer.


 # Berlin

Now let’s move to the capital of Germany i.e. Berlin. Berlin is famous for ‘Great Berlin Wall’. It is the memory of division of Berlin with Russia and America during world war. Another place is ‘Burden Gate’ – Place of celebration of East and West Germany bound together. ‘Spree’ river flows in Berlin. You can find scenic beauty on the cost of ‘Spree’ river.

# Prague

Then you should travel to Prague which is in Chez Republic. Prague is world-famous city. It has historical importance plus it is famous for its beautiful stone buildings and total peace. The “Prague” city is established on both sides of the “Filtawa” river. In Prag there is Fort having beautiful palace.  In the city you came across very old ‘Saint Nikosakirich “church, which had a six-foot statue. There is also most popular bridge, called “Charles Bridge”. Many artistic statues have been erected on this bridge. 


Let’s move to Vienna, beautiful city in Austria. In Vienna there is huge square made up of stones and surrounded by tall buildings. This was the heart of Vienna city. Near to metro entrance there is a 50-meter high ‘Stevens Cathedral’. A place you must visit in Vienna is “Opera House”. Another place to visit is palace of, ’King Franze Joseph’ i.e. ”Schoenberg” palace. It is huge and large and surrounded by huge gardens.

# Salzburg

Another city to visit in Austria is Salzburg. There are about 70 lakes nearby  Salzburg. Visit them and enjoy scenic beauty. There is also huge salt water lake and Salt Mine.

# Lussen – Zurich – St. Mortiz

Now move to beautiful Switzerland ! Let’s have a beautiful journey of Lussen – Zurich – St. Mortiz with Euro Rail. In the journey you can experience zigzag rail tracks with beautiful snowfall in the mountain. St. Mortiz is the highest railway station in Europe. There is also a Canteen on railway platform on 1785 meters height ! Enjoy the snowfall and adventure.

# Fedrichshifen

From Switzerland you can return to Germany visiting another beautiful destinations. In the return journey you have to travel Lussen to Romanshom. There is a beautiful lake touching the borders of 3 countries i.e. Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Later you can visit Fedrichshifen.

# Munich

Olympic Football Stadium

Then travel to beautiful city of Munich. Munich is the city of Art and Education. There is BMW car showroom and Olympic football stadium. Visit there and you can get interesting information of this famous places.


These are some of the most popular destinations in Central Europe. You can plan Self Tour of these places to get economical travel with maximum enjoyment. Get guidance of self tour on travel guide blog.    

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