Top Lesbian Travel Destinations in America You Should Definitely Visit

Since planning a trip isn’t everything, you should never forget the right way to implement the planning and get straight to some of the best destinations. But, how will you know about the most happening destinations for lesbians that’s where the whole story puts a hold.

To help you deal with the clasp of not finding the right lesbian destination, we have mentioned a few names below that are worth visiting when in America. Also, the best part about these places is they are specifically known for the LGTB community and have something interesting about them that attract a number of tourists every year. No matter if you are travelling solo or with your partner, these places are definitely worth hitting on this year.

Montreal, Canada

Ever since Canada approved of same-sex marriage in 2005, it is now that the same destination has become a home to LGBT tourists. From, Quebec, to Toronto to Vancouver no one will ever realize that the culture of accepting same-sex affairs got into existence just 14 years ago. Especially talking about Montreal, the city is known for its striking LGBT nightlife and, unlike most of the famous LGBT, destinations are much focused on female clientele.

Another perk of spending fun time with your partner is you won’t end up burning your pocket as the destination isn’t very expensive. The most wanted tip, while you plan for the place, is choosing an outing for the summers. Though there isn’t much difference when you choose cooler months, when you choose summers for your outing, you are more likely to enjoy a plethora of fun outdoor activities in full swing.

P-Town, Mass, USA

P-Town, originally known as Provincetown is a little casting township at the northerly tip of Cape God. With over two hundred sovereign shops, a plethora of art galleries, delectable eateries, and magnificent shores, this spot remains in the favorite books of the LGTB communities. No matter, if you are a straight or gay, this place, is sure to impress everybody with its alluring charm, however, once you be here you will notice the place is exclusively for the lesbian travelers. Places like these are hard to find where the main objective is to celebrate freedom in a way that it makes the LGBT community engaging for people.

While planning for the place, make sure a number of women events are on the go and choose the one you feel like going with, suiting your interests and preferences. One of the major annual gathering or I should say the largest annual meeting of lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgender, and queer-identified families in the world called Family Week is arranged here that you cannot afford to miss.

New York City, USA Top-ranked amongst the best LGBTQ destination in the US, New York City is a complete retreat for lesbians. An event called Pride of Prides is held in the city for over a month, celebrating around 50 different events along with the audience. In case you are still not convinced to visit the place by now, here are a few more reasons to be in the city and lover every state of being a lesbian. The striking Broadway productions, the world-famous art galleries, and dozens of crowd rushing to enjoy the striking beauty of the exceptional New York City are worth dying for. Another valid reason to be in New York would be the hypnotizing lesbian nightlife. Get around the best bars in the city and you will know why we have called it hypnotizing, the Cubbyhole Bar, the Henrietta Hudson, and the modern Hot Rabbit party that is solely arranged for women and are counted amongst the best parties around the town. The most recommended thing is to first check the events calendar for lesbians before you plan to visit in New York City.

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