Things to Be Cautious about While You Apply for Indian Visa

It is a wish for everyone to travel abroad at least once in a lifetime for recreation, tour, festivals, occasions, etc. But not all the time, things come smoothly the way we expected. Right from the process of making your passport to the accomplishment of your visa can be a sweaty task if you fail to follow the right path. Indian tourism has never stopped inspiring tourists since ancient with its rich culture, vibrant geographic views, incredible historical sites. Being a country with the largest democracy in the world, one may have the perception of having an extremely liberal trip around India. But one should also be cautious of the fact that India has many rules and regulations exercising in each different region and an Indian Tourist Visa mandatory to be obtained before your visit to the country. So, if you wish to explore Indian tourism, it will always be the best idea to apply for Indian visa online before you leave your home country.

You Must Be Aware of Your E-Tourist Visa Rules

The foremost thing that you should do is to check your eligibility for generating the Indian e-tourist visa if you are planning for a tour to India. To avoid denial of your visa, you should meet all the terms and conditions and also have all the documents required under the legal necessities of Indian Visa. The purpose of your visit shouldn’t anything apart from recreation, sightseeing, visiting friends and family, not last more than 90 days. Your passport should have a validity of not less than six days. And no less than two blank pages should be available for stamping to be done by the immigration officer. Proofs of your financial, residency, and occupation documents in detail should be disclosed.

Other Things You Should Be Aware Of

You should be aware of a fraudulent travel agency while applying for your Indian visa. The safest process would be following the steps set by the Indian Government and start your application procedure calmly. 

Nothing is good for things to be done at the last hour. Submit your visa application in time and as early as possible as there are chances of your visa to get rejected due to any circumstances. Submitting your visa application in time as early as possible will give you a chance to take necessary action or change your e-tourist visa into a regular tourist visa if your application got rejected.

Re-check the information that you have provided and make sure that they match with what you have in your official documents. Even a minute error like typing mistake can lead to the rejection of your visa. Traveling is fun but the plans and procedures that you need to follow to make it successful is not a task that can be done all instantly. Every single step has to proceed without any rush for crucial things like applying for Visa. If you don’t want to feel the pain of rejecting your visa, it sure that you apply it in time with careful knowledge of the procedures, the terms and conditions, sufficient documents, and the eligibility criteria. So, be cautious of the mandatory things before you apply for an Indian visa.

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