Rajasthan Tours: To Explore the Royal State


Rajasthan is the “Land of Maharajas” but, it can surely be attributed with the title “Land of colors.” Rajasthan has a pink city-known as Jaipur, a cobalt blue city-Jodhpur, white alabaster- called as Udaipur and, yellow citadel- known as Jaisalmer. The people in Rajasthan grasp more colors than the state itself. People still retain the traditional Rajputana flavor in their lifestyle, culture, dresses as well as food. The glory of the sumptuous palaces and, forts have attracted millions of tourists from all over the globe.

The land has witnessed, several mighty kings and warriors, competing for conquering and expanding their kingdoms. Rajasthan also portrays a distinctive and fascinating combination of both the rural and royal India. It offers a plethora of unique experiences in Rajasthan which can help you look beyond the majestic forts and palaces. There are many charms to grab your attention such as exploring a haunted site or attending puppet shows that can make you relive your childhood days. Apart from everything the aura of the state put efforts to connect the visitors to the Rajasthani culture and tradition.

# Hot air Balloon: Relish the Aerial view-

There is an emerging trend of Hot air ballooning in Rajasthan which is grabbing the attention people from all over the world. One can slowly fly over the famous and architectural cities of Rajasthan to praise its beauty. One can also spot a Royal Bengal tiger and witness the vibrant Pushkar Fair from a height. During the sunsets and sunrise, the hot air balloon ride can mesmerize the visitors with its aura and spellbound beauty.

# Relish the Variant Flavors-

Rajasthan is home to culture and tradition also boasts mouth-watering cuisines. The food has a unique aroma and aura which makes them even tastier. The local cuisines, hand-picked spices along with the traditional way of cooking can tempt you to savor their dish. Although there are many dishes, Daal Bati Churma and Mawa Chowki hold some specialty in the state.

# Unveil the mysterious sites-

Rajasthan is a home to various historical and ancient places which grab the attention of visitors like no other. However, the Bhangarh Fort runs chills down the spine of many as it is one of the haunted sites in India. Although, it is visited by many tourists, especially youngsters to experience the spookiness of the place. During the daylight, the place is crowdy and a picnic spot but, as the sun hides under the darkness, the places get exhausted. Besides this, there is a Kuldhara village which is somewhat famed for the same reason. The town has a cursed which portrays a desolated look and echoes with stories of ghosts.

# Wildlife Safari-

Rajasthan is a home to most of the famous wildlife sanctuaries in India. One can experience a jungle safari to Ranthambore which attracts and inspires the tourists.

There is a feel as well as the thrill to spot the Royal Bengal Tigers while visiting Ranthambore during the winter months. The sanctuary is titled as a UNESCO World Heritage Site

One can also relish the journey to the Keoladeo National Park or the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary which gives a chance to witness the unusual species of avifauna. The national park is a harbor for bird watching enthusiasts. Sariska Tiger Reserve is another famous destination to be for the love of tiger spotting.

# Lifestyle and Culture:

The Rajasthani people prefer to live a traditional life. However, tourism is one of the main occupations for them but, agriculture serves as the main occupation over years whereas some people earn their living from handicraft. The colorful hearts of Rajasthani people endure on to their culture through their traditional lifestyle. The people of Rajasthan have retained their way of lifestyle and, the Rajputana culture is in their blood. The state has always been famous for its semi-precious stones as well as handicrafts which is a significant factor and has attracted several tourists from various parts of the world. Rajasthan is a land of rich culture as well as the heritage which not only attempts to retain Indian culture but also preserves the threatened species from the cruelty of the world. The captivating ceremonies and historical monuments provide a real treat to the visitors.

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