NYC Tour Guide: 5 Incredible Things to Do in New York

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If there is ever any existing city that never sleeps, New York City will be the only name rushing down your mind. Dream to many but, reality to very few, New York remains to be one of the best attractions around the world. Now, there is this question why it is counted as one of the best attractions despite having any architectural history behind it or any alluring landscapes surrounding it. The answer to this obvious question would be the never-ending charm of the city that keeps the travelers invigorated. For many of you, NYC would be the center of the earth, for foodies, it may be the best place to soothe the taste buds, for fashion lovers the city might be a complete retreat and the list never comes to an end. Likewise, the city never fails to spread the charm amongst the travelers. While you are finally deciding to hop on the NYC tour guide , you might know that there is a pool of things you can do around every corner of the city.

#1 Get Charmed in Times Square

Considered as one of the most frenzied part of the NYC, Times Square is all about flashing lights and a huge crowd accompanying you. Surrounded by the turbulent blend of huge underwater billboards, television broadcasts, flashing displays, Elmo clones, and naked cowboys are sure to put you into another state while you visit here.

#2 Astonishing Experience at Empire State Building

New York’s iconic skyline is world famous and, there is no better way to experience it all on your own. Get amazing feels by standing on the top of Rockefeller Center and amuse yourself watching the best of views of the Empire State Building.

#3 Explore the Grand Statue of Liberty

Approach the Liberty Island from Battery Park via ferry and let yourself put into a sense of wonder. Except for the huge and defined aura of the Statue of Liberty, one may also get through the colonial era at the Ellis Island National Museum. Unlike any other museum, the place has also numerous artifacts, taped oral histories and photographs.

#4 Head to Brooklyn via Brooklyn Bridge

One of the most iconic structures of the city, Brooklyn Bridge is absolutely stunning. The other best part about the bridge is the cheerful feeling you get while walking across the East River on top of the wooden-planked structure. While you head to the Brooklyn city via Brooklyn bridge, you are more likely to encounter some of the best panoramas of Lower Manhattan.

#5 Pay Homage at the 9/11 Memorial

World Trade Center’s bombing in 1993 is hidden to none. The 9/11 Memorial still continues to respect the ones who lost their lives in the terror attack. Pay homage to the people who were killed and take a flashback with the 30-foot waterfalls lying on the footstep where the Twin Towers once stood straight. Spread over an acre, the pools are huge and come under one of the largest man-made pools in entire North America.

Don’t forget to miss out on these incredible places that might make your NYC tour worth remembering.

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