Nepal Honeymoon Tour Packages: Why you should have one


Nepal is a beautiful and mesmerizing country in South Asia. Nepal tour has become a trend nowadays. For honeymoon couples, Nepal has become a preferred destination as this country holds many cultures, adventures, architectures including some renowned monasteries and stupas. Nepal has evolved itself to be able to attract more tourist mass in the country. Couples from different countries have started to add Nepal honeymoon packages in their tour preference bucket.

Nepal is an attractive destination for couples because of its simultaneous serene and surreal climate. It embodies various romantic experiences for couples like peaceful lakes and deep valleys. Like any other tour package, the Nepal tour package can also be accessed from various sources, whether online or offline. Nepal tourism covering the maximum tourist spots can last for a number of days. The package for a grand Nepal tour is affordable and could be availed by many.

Couples who have an interest in adventurous activities and trekking place Nepal on the top of their tour destination list. There is so much to explore in Nepal that people find it difficult to cover all the spots in just one tour and that is the reason Nepal attracts the same tourists again to cover the left-out spots. Newly-wed can experience ‘nirvana’ here.

Nepal tour, especially for honeymoon couples, includes romantic and gracious experiences. The places of great attraction in Nepal are Pokhara, Kathmandu, Bandipur, Nagarkot, Bardia, Daman, Patan, Mustang, et al. These are some places that cover most of the country. These places especially cover the different culture, religious spots, trek, sport, adventure, stay and cuisine.

Honeymoon packages are made in order to provide the best possible tranquility and romantic vibes to the newly-wed couples. Therefore, the places that are mentioned above are chosen so that couples can have an ethereal experience. From its serene lake sidewalks and narrow-road walks to its hilltop trekking and bungee jumping experience, Nepal is surely a plus point for quiet and sports enthusiast.

Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal and the largest city of Nepal. Despite the massive earthquake destruction in 2015 Kathmandu didn’t fail to survive and still flourishing with a growing tourist base in the country. Kathmandu is known for its colorful and cultural vibes. It can be a mixed experience in Kathmandu with its hustle bustle of city life, glittering nightlife in casinos and various customs and traditions making it a colorful and glittering and exhausting experience at the same time.

Whereas Pokhara is exactly the opposite of Kathmandu. Pokhara is preferred for its peaceful and tranquil vibe. When couples are exhausted and tired from all the traveling in the country, they can find peace and a relaxing environment in Pokhara. Pokhara is known as the city of lakes. Here, couples adore quiet and relaxing lake sides. Couples can also experience romantic boating at Phewa Tal. This is not just it. Besides this, couples can have a thrilling paragliding experience here as one of the unique experiences.

Patan is known for the presence of temples and handicrafts market in the city. Collection of various temples and palaces entices couples to visit this place. Whereas Bandipur city represents Newari culture and tradition. It has various museums and architecture. This place is also popular among tourists for its exotic cuisine experience.

Couples who have a great interest in jungle experience love this country for its widespread wildlife and jungle safari experience. Some of the popular jungle tours can be pursued at Bardia national park and Chitwan national park.

The Nepal tour can be one of the best experiences of couples. Couples can savor the memories via photos, in heart and head that can be cherished for the rest of their lives. Why wait? Grab the best deal on Nepal Honeymoon Tour Packages and turn to this mysterious and mythical land.  

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