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Any mountain lover would be thrilled by the vertical paradise of Himalayas representing one of the very few grandeurs of the world. This forested mountain ranges with snow caps raising about the layers of clouds is a beauty for thousand eyes. While the top of the mountains are nothing but snow desert, the moderate and low altitude destinations are filled with alpine wilderness and rhododendron forests crisscrossed with numerous communities with colorful culture and pilgrimage destinations. Himalayas is the home for numerous adventure activities, pilgrimage routes, romantic getaways, wildlife paradises and much more. Where to visit in Himalayas?


This duplication of Tibet lies hidden among amazing mountain passes of the Himalayas, on the Indian side. This trans-Himalayan destination has many scenic destinations, made more colorful by Buddhism culture. The monasteries and bursts of festival communities have submerged this land into a constant beauty for the past 500 years. Every traveler can enjoy epic adventure activities, ancient religious structures, high-altitude romantic spots and backpacking routes.


If you are ready to fly a little away from India, it is time to reach the rooftop of Asia to enjoy the hidden ramparts of the Himalayan kingdom. Despite the colonization of Chinese modernity, Tibet has managed to stay in its beauty with flickering of butter lamps, pink tea and the breeze of chants from monasteries. The land, thanks to Himalayan ecosystem, has a sublime environment filled with grasslands, high altitude water sources and much more. Take a rugged trekking trip to Mount Kailash or other secluded places of Western Tibet, if you are up for some hardcore adventure time.


If you want to live as close as possible to nature, Nepal is the right destination. No other Himalayan destination is quite convenient like Nepal. Explore the spiraling mountain paths, enjoy the spinning prayer wheels and explore the untouched villages of Himalayan Narnia. If you are into adventure, get to the smaller peaks of the region to enjoy trekking, camping, mountain biking and others. For the photographer in you, Nepal has many ancient cities filled with last-surviving structures of ancient Nepal.


This is one of the countries, which has managed to stay unpolluted by modern civilization. Bhutan has an air of a parallel world stuck in time. With naturally grown ancient forest covering more than 75% of the land, the remaining remote regions are nothing but paradise with local communities leading a colorful life, exclusive natural destinations and unique cuisine. You can find numerous monasteries, fortress, colorful wild flower filled regions, secluded destinations and much more.

Tips for visiting Himalayan destinations

  1. The best time to visit is from April to June and from September to November.
  2. Trekking at low altitude is best and highly recommended for those who are not avid trekkers. If you are visiting during summer, you get to enjoy many adventure activities like water rafting, mountaineering, mountain pass riding, hiking, camping and others.
  3. After reaching the Himalayan destination of your choice, take the day off. Do not start with tourism activities from day one. Let your body get adapted to the change in altitude. You would need good rest and heavy food for your body to adapt to the height and cold.
  4. Always bring cold cream with you. Dryness in skin is quite common among tourists in Himalayan destinations.
  5. Woolen clothes with thick jackets should be your clothing choice.
  6. Trekking is not allowed in all routes. Check with your guide to know the admissible routes of trekking. If any permit is required for trekking, make sure to get the documents. Illegal trekking can lead to imprisonment.
  7. Any trekking route above 5,200m from sea level would be dangerous for starters and intermediate hikers and trekkers.
  8. Always have a guide with you. There are numerous unexplored routes and the last thing you want in this cold kingdom is getting lost.
  9. Himalayan regions are trying hard to keep away from the modern world. Thus, do not rely on smart cards, credit cards and ATM machines. Always bring local cash with you.
  10. Always stay hydrated. The temperature will be extremely cold and you would probably forget about drinking water. Dehydration can cause serious problems, in high altitude destination.
  11. If you find any local festival or celebration, try to take part in their culture. The land is riddled with unique cultures, which are at the verge of diminishing from the face of Earth. Enjoy and relish these ancient traditions while you have the opportunity.

The last and important tip of all is to have fun. It is your vacation in the mighty land of snow and mountain. Always have a gleaming smile on your face and enjoy your vacation.

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