Incredible India: An Exploration of Its Natural Wonders

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Incredible India, and we never get tired of listening to this chant. Are we? Since the dawn of the human era, India, that is Bharat, renowned for its natural endowments and stunning creations. From as high as Leh in Ladakh to Kuttanad, Kerala situated at the lowest extremes of India, this landmass has never stopped surprising the mankind.  That’s why we have compiles some of the jaw-dropping magical creations of nature that has stunned the world.

Living Root Bridge, Meghalaya: This magical place has given the people of Meghalaya a lot to talk about. Since its inception, the mystery of it still prevails. Being located in one of the wettest places on the earth, it makes conducive for these roots to flourish at a faster rate. Such enigmatic birth of living root bridges is not only making the wildlife a natural wonder but also garnering awes from all over the globe. And the biggest advantage is that it has made the life of those indigenous people simpler considering the perilous mountain terrains they use to travel through.

Floating Lake, Manipur: It holds the distinct record of being the only floating lake in the world. The widespread heterogeneous mass vegetation, soil and organic matters, alternatively known as “Phumdis” make this place unique in its own way. Apart from that, the cohabitation of the flora and fauna earned itself a place on the Montreux Record and Ramsar Wetlands in order to preserve its sanctity. This place is also home to many endemic animals and what to say about the birds. This paradise has become the breeding ground for tourists and environmentalists seeking to explore its natural beauty and offering solutions to the innumerable threats it has been targeted too.

The Aleya Ghost Lights: For centuries this strange phenomenon has remained a mystery. Every time people come out with different stories about this mystic  thing. No surprise people are getting spooked off by witnessing this. Most of the time it was the fishermen who get the chance to take a view of it. However, certain visuals depict that the shimmering multi-colored light emanated from the swamps of West Bengal and sprawl across Bangladesh. Such breath-taking site has always been the center of attraction and drawing tourists who crave to see this.

Krishna’s Butter Ball, Mahabalipuram:  It is gigantic granite boulder nestled comfortably with a short incline on a hill. It has been there since time immemorial. Today, it is the must-see phenomena which have attracted worldly attention. There was a time when it raised the safety concerns for people and hence required to be put-off. But, after a series of a trail, it was decided to keep its integrity intact. As it has become the popular tourist place in Mahabalipuram, people who turn to this place push this humongous boulder or try to take a snap of it.

Salt flats of Kutch: Experience the inexperienced at the Salt flats of Kutch. Come here and take a view of the white bed of salt. Today, these salts are the lifeline of the people residing in this area. “Kutchi” the native people inhabit around it and making their livelihood. Since, this place is getting the attention of visitors all over the world, keeping its serenity untamed has become the need of the day.

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