How To Apply Indian Visa | Top Six Benefits of An India E-visa

E-visa for India is a huge step that is introduced by the Indian Government. They kept in mind the main goal of letting the people know around the world that making a trip to India is now easy and hassle-free. Indian E-visa is further sub-categorized into an E-restorative visa, E-business visa, and E-visitor visa. The applicants can apply any of these categories according to their travel purpose. The whole thing is operated electronically, allowing the applicant to apply for the visa from anywhere in the world. However, there is something that visitors need to get such as the international ID card and printed version of the e-visa in order to get into the Indian territory. The same instructions go to the citizens of the United Kingdom, who are willing to apply for India visa

Here are some of the benefit of Indian E-visa that foreign nationals can reap.

Quick Process

Indian Government website. You do it yourself and follow the instructions they lay out.

iVisa website. This is the easiest way as they have a “zero frustration policy”.

The main advantage of applying for e-visa is the speedy process and that is where the quality is determined for the process. It is a common thing that no one wants to be in a state where they are forced to wait for long hours, thus, the government has made the process as direct as possible, so that every related information is passed on to the applicant.

Step by Step here’s how to get the e-visa for India

  1. Go to this iVisa link.
  2. Enter your nationality and the country you are traveling to.
  3. Select tourist e-visa with the green “apply now” button.

Online Verification Documents

This benefit allows the applicants to easily apply for the e-visa and provide essential documents so that the documents can be verified properly. The website allows the applicants to upload the related documents online.

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Instant Approval

After filling the E-visa application, it doesn’t take much time to approve unless the application contains some error. In case if a tourist is looking for tickets and has already applied for the e-visa, the approval will not take much time and he/she will be able to move onto the next part for their planning quickly.   

Simple and Easy Process

The filling an online application form is time-effective because it is simple and easy. Even if the tourists are unable to fill the details on their own, the website can guide them on what information needs to be filled in which column. This easy process allows the applicant to complete the application no time without facing any hassle.

No Need to Travel to The Indian Embassy

The applicants who are applying for the Indian e-visa application, are no longer required to travel to the Indian consulate or embassy to apply for their visa. This benefit saves a lot of time and money for those who want to travel to this beautiful country for a short duration.

More Time for Review

Now, the applicants have the time to review their answers before submitting the application. This option has led to a decrease in the number of rejections which happens due to minor mistakes made in the application. Through these options, applicants can make sure that they have provided all the necessary details. Those foreign nationals who are looking to apply for the Indian E visa application online will encounter its multiple benefits as stated in this article. These advantages can only be embraced if the applicant intends on making a short trip to this country.

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