Great tips to save money when traveling to Australia

Australia is a lot more than Kangaroos and the Opera House. Natives of Australia refer to this place as “The Land Down Under” for its position in the southern hemisphere. Every year tons of visitors book this place for fun, traveling, and work-related purpose. If you also love and travel to have a tour of this splendid place, here are some great tips to save money when traveling for the first time to Australia:

  1. You can save those extra dollars on the hotel

If your budget is not pocket-friendly, you can choose to stop-over at hostels rather spending bucks at the hotels. This country is quite expensive and your per day stay would not cost less than 100 AUD, which is quite a lot. Alternatively, you can also consider AirBnB to pull off extra budget.

If you wish to go for Australian watering hole, rather go with a Bring Your Own Drink policy or Goon when you want to enjoy when spending less.

  • Beforehand research will help

Australia is the largest country in Oceania which makes it quite enormous or huge to cover it all on one single short trip. Hence, plan beforehand about all the places you want to uncover in your trip. A majority of the population stays in the coastal area, so it would be useless or rather uninteresting to travel to internal Australia.

  • Stay offline because your pocket won’t allow connecting

For Instagrammers, this might sound bizarre, but most places in Australia are internet expensive. Even local connections may cost you around 30 to 35 AUD. Some people also opt for Telstra, Pay As You Go Sim card which is at least worth spending.

  • Never say “g day mate”

If you think “g day mate” means greeting, you are completely absolutely wrong. It is an old phrase Australians would use in past. Instead, use the term “how are you going” which means how are you doing.

  • Those multi-transport options

Flight: Prefer flying with low budget airlines like Tiger Airways or Jetstar.

Bus: Buses are rather cheap in Australia and the best option to travel inter or intracity. 

Train: Even trains or rail service is affordable for traveling to various corners of the country.

Note: Some cities in Australia have free of cost transportation services in which only fixed routes are free to travel to within the city.

  • Some cruise are pocket-friendly

While Australian cruise may sound like a lavish idea, some cruises in this so rich country are so cheap. These cruises charge no more than 100 AUD per night and inclusive of accommodations, meals, transportation, and some activities as well. Options: P&O Cruises Australia.

  • Rural Australia is magnificent as well

Everyone knows that cities like Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney are worth exploring but has someone told you anything about rural Australia? We bet not. If ancient culture and lifestyle excite you, then consider traveling along western and southern Australia.

Place: Goolwa Broome, Port Douglas, Coober Pedy, etc.

  • No tip please!

Australian government takes well care of the employees. The minimum wage for an Australia worker has been set to $16.87 so there is hardly any need to offer tips for their work. They barely rely on tips for their survival.

  • Explore museums and galleries

Australia’s museums and galleries do not charge a fee from the visitors. So, if you are fond of culture, travel blogs, and religion, the museums have got your back. The Art Gallery of New South Wales in Sydney, MONA, and National Gallery of Victoria are good places to start your trip.

  1. WWOOF

Since Australia is high-priced, in order to make it affordable you can volunteer to earn and extend your time here. Working Holiday visa options are there for travelers under 31 for a number of countries. This will allow you to learn more about Australia’ culture, learn new skills while earning at the same time!

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