Different Types of Tours in India

Traveling in India is an incredible experience. The land is a home to several cultures, topography, communities, religion, different styles of architecture and much more. There are different types of tours in India that tourists’ book for an enriching experience.

The tourism industry in India has been growing at a remarkable rate. The india country’s glorified culture, Wildlife ,historical monuments, climatic conditions and capricious topography attract tourists from every corner of the world tour.

There are various Indian tour packages available that can help you experience the myriad tourist destinations.

  • The Adventure Tourism:

In the last decade, adventure tourism in India has bloomed at a significant rate. The tourists have been exploring several exotic places and trying various adventure activities like trekking, rock climbing, kayaking, paragliding, and many more thrilling activities. The most popular destinations for adventure seekers are Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Assam, Ladakh, Arunachal Pradesh and Kerala.

  • Wildlife Tourism:

India is a home to diverse wildlife. India hosts several wildlife sanctuaries and national parks. Some of the most popular wildlife tourism destinations are Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary (Rajasthan), Periyar National Park (Kerala), Kaziranga National Park (Assam), Corbett National Park (Uttarakhand), Ranthambore National Park (Rajasthan), Gir Forest National Park (Gujarat) and many more. These destinations attract wildlife explorers and photographers in numbers.

  • Pilgrimage Tourism:

Pilgrimage sites and shrine in India are unique. Being a secular state, India is the hub of many religious sites where devotees of different beliefs come and worship. Varanasi is the hub of religious for all the devotees from around the globe for its traditions and rituals. Other pilgrimage sites include Meenakshi Temple in Tamil Nadu, Golden Temple in Amritsar, Sun Temple and Jagannath Temple (Odisha), Churches like Santa Cruz Cathedral Basilica, Basilica of Bom Jesus, Velankanni Church and mosques like Jama Masjid, Juma Mosque, Makkah Masjid and many more. These pilgrim sites represent the communal harmony amongst the various ethnic groups.

  • Cultural Tourism:

India is an enchanting destination of festivals and special occasions. Tourists find festivals the ideal time to experience the richness of the country. Besides visiting during festivals, tourist visits the country to explore the magnificent architecture of the forts and palaces and learn about their history.

  • Honeymoon Tourism:

Various Indian destinations serve as romantic getaways to the newlyweds. Destinations like Coorg (also known as Scotland of India), Kerala (God’s own country), isolated islands of Lakshwadeep or lively Goa are ideal to spend some quality time with the spouse.

  • Wellness Tourism:

India is a land of Yoga and Ayurveda. Every year, tourists visit the country to take retreat from their life. The wellness tourism offers a range of treatments and therapies to rejuvenate one’s body, mind, and soul. One of the most popular destinations in Kerala.

There are different types of india tour are catering to the different needs of the tourists and making their traveling experience a warm one.

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