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Things you should know about USA 0

The country which covers the 50 states of North America, Alaska Hawaii and extended nations of the pacific ocean.  The capital Washington DC is the global center of finance and the cultural center. Chicago is known for its influential architecture, on the west coast. One major city, Los Angeles, is famous and gained its fame from the Hollywood film making.

When you are talking about the American Experience it consists of beaches, bluegrasses redwood forest, and snow-covered peaks. Hundreds of restaurants, for the food-loving people.  

Cultural Behemoth

When it comes to cultural contributions and architecture, the USA has given a lot.

There are a few points you should defiantly go through before you travel to the U.S.A and make your travel experience one of the most memorable ones.  With the beautiful architecture and culture displaying the in-depth knowledge of the country. 

 New York tour is famous for its modern era paintings with great architects. Music like Jazz, funky Hip Hop songs and rock and roll music. America has brought modern music in trend. 

The US is a Food-Loving Nation

The evening of the city serves amazing cuisine and street food. The must-try dishes are barbecue ribs with the smoking hot sizzler’s.

You will find the amazing blend of organic foods with Asian elocution and makes themselves one of the top shot tastemaker amongst the nation. The mix of old Delhi in Manhattan upper west side, oyster and champagne from California and tacos from Korean. These are the best place in the country, which will never let down you when it comes to taste ad variety of food. 

As long as the massive rush is towards the New Year’s Eve, the intensity is the charm of celebration at the destination.  The major attraction in the streets of the country full of live entertainment and music. You will find amazing surprises at the stores for you, to make sure when you celebrate your new year’s eve in the USA it is never forgettable. You can head towards the family vacation in Hawaii or enjoy the block parties in the stores of Vegas, the ball drop in New York is a must. You will explore plenty of options to enjoy and full fill your desire during the holidays in the USA. There are plenty of places that ensure that the New Year party in the USA is a truly memorable event in one’s life. 

Las Vegas

 If you are a party addict then Las Vegas is the one-stop place for the party addicts in the festive season. Over 3 lakh people come to visit this destination at the time of the New Year’s Eve. All the traffic is transformed into a giant block of the party hub. The fireworks, casinos at the time square ball drop, clubs and live entertainment celebrities ranging through the night leave you to spell bounded. 

The jaw-dropping panoramic views from the sky lofts at MGM are a must-visit place. 

This is one shot party destination for all the party lovers. Just a perfect place for the people who only know party Party Party….. And enjoy it to the fullest.   

 Road Trips are The Best

The country roadside is full of picturesque serene. The open sky with 4 million miles of the highway with red rock desert. Mountains peaks and the large fields of farm towards the horizon. The sun-bleached hillsides and the plains covering the sides by the lush full rain forest.  If you are the lover of the long road trips then the USA will never disappoint you. From the starting of the scenic country routes with the continuation of the blue sky and the plain highways.

Do you need a visa to go for USA?

if you are visitng to USA. you need a visa prior to travel to the USA

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A Guide to Destinations Tourists Include in South India Tours 0

Every region in India holds unique cultural significance and narrates different tales in its distinctive style and manifests a beholding experience. The best part about traveling to South India is that you witness distinct cultures in each state. The architecture, the vegetation, the wildlife, and the traditions that each state practices attract tourists in manifolds.

There are several destinations that awestruck tourists. Including some of them in your South India tour packages can make your tour successful:

# Hampi, Karnataka:

Once the capital of the empire of Vijayanagar, Hampi is India’s ancient town. The historic remains intermingled with large boulders that cover the landscape are captivating and intriguing. These ruins are spread over 25 kilometers and comprise more than 500 monuments. People can easily visit this site from Goa.

#Backwaters, Kerala:

You can cruise through the palm-fringed canals called backwaters while you are served authentic South Indian delicacies onboard. Spending a night on the boat in the middle of water is a blissful experience.

#Fort Kochi, Kerala:

This site is also known as Gateway to Kerala. This city has a great historical significance. The Arabs, British, Dutch, Chinese and Portuguese have contributed to the city’s culture and architecture. Explore the architecture and culture of the city on foot. You can also enjoy Kathakali performance or get an Ayurvedic treatment.

#Madurai, Tamil Nadu:

The ancient town of Madurai is popular for the religious site of Meenakshi Temple. The city of Madurai is more than 4000 years old and holds a significant place in Tamil culture and studies. The town attracts tourists during the twelve-day festival of Chithirai. This festival signifies the celestial wedding of the temple deity Meenakshi (an incarnation of Goddess Paravati) to Sundareshwara (a manifestation of Lord Shiva). Their marriage is re-enacted with great pomp and show.

# Puducherry:

One of the Indian Union Territories, Puducherry is a former French Colony located on the east coast of Tamil Nadu. Its architecture and culture are influenced by French. You can stroll through the French Quarter and along the Promenade and experience the peace. There are several restaurants that offer savoring delicacies. Shri Aurobindo Ashram attracts people seeking spirituality.

# Mahabalipuram:

It is a beach town that is an hour away from Chennai. It is popular for its traditional stone sculpture industry. There are several tourist attractions such as the Shore Temple, sculptures of Five Rathas, and Arjuna’s Penance.

# Mysore, Karnataka:

Mysore has an astounding royal heritage, Mysore Palace which is a major tourist attraction. The city has several interesting buildings, palaces, and temples one can visit. The city is home to one of the major zoological parks in India. One can also shop for sandalwood in Mysore.

#Coorg, Karnataka:

It is a spell-bounding hill station in Southern Karnataka. Not far from Bengaluru and Mangalore, Coorg is popular for its coffee estates. These are some of the most popular destinations in South India that will compel you to plan more South India Tours

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3 Tips for Finding the Best Crofton Airport Shuttle 0

Finding quality taxi services in Crofton is sometimes not difficult, especially around hotels, shopping malls, and other tourist attractions. However, you’re in for a really long wait when it rains, during rush hours, and if you’re at one of the Air Force Bases. If you need to get to the airport, this waiting time is not okay! This is precisely why finding an airport taxi in Crofton, MD is often extremely stressful, because you’re in a time crunch. To make it worse, sometimes the first cab you see is not one you should get in. So how do you find a good taxi, near you and reliable? By following a few simple tips:

#1 Call For a Crofton airport shuttle Instead of Hailing a Cab

Some taxi drivers in large cities are less-than-scrupulous and even work in partnership with thieves. To avoid being a target, go through a licensed taxi service. Ask for the cab number when you speak with the dispatcher so you can be certain you’re getting in the right vehicle.

#2 Find out the Price Ahead of Time

Either the hotel staff or the dispatcher over the phone tell you the approximate price range to your destination and the appropriate amount to tip the driver. For even more convenience, you can often get a “flat rate” to most of the local airports, like Baltimore­ Washington International (BWI), Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA), and Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD). You will have much less of a hassle when it is time to exit the cab if you know ahead of time what you should pay and confirm it with the driver before he or she begins your ride.

#3 Inspect the Cab

When the cab arrives, make sure the taxi number, or at least the company’s name and phone number, is visible on the vehicle before you attempt to get in. Once inside, look for a meter, a radio, a badge, and a door handle. All genuine licensed taxi drivers’ vehicles are equipped with a meter for determining the charge and a radio for taking calls from the dispatcher. Does this vehicle have those?

Don’t use an app or try to wave a taxi down on your own though, as this can be dangerous especially if you are alone. Find a Crofton airport shuttle ahead of time and save the number so you always have it when you need it.

After following all the above Option you can book the right cab services for your if  You can simply confirm the booking by sending an email or a phone call to the shuttle service. click here the booking

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USA ESTA Visa- Benefits and the Process Involved 0

Explorers looking for entering the United States for business or tourism purpose on (B-1/B-2 visa), or for transit (C-1)  and are willing to stay for less than 90 days may be eligible to travel to the United States without a visa under the Visa Waiver Program which is also known as the  VWP. Also, to be an eligible candidate must meet the certain criteria of this program.

The VWP does not include your purpose of travel such as the study for credit, employment, work as foreign press, radio, film, journalists, or other information media. In addition to that, the applicant cannot apply for the permanent residency under VWP. The Visa Waiver Program (VWP) allows the citizens of certain countries to visit the United States for different purposes such as tourism or business. Under this program, the candidate can stay for 90 days or less without obtaining a visa. VWP does not give permission to travel to all counties. There is a detailed list available on the official website of the US government which is recommended to check once before proceeding for ESTA USA visa application. As it is known that, all countries are not participating in the VWP and not all travelers from VWP countries are eligible to use the program, under some condition, thus, travelers will have to undergo screening at the port of entry in the United States. Moreover, they should enroll in the Department of Homeland Security’s US-VISIT program.

The Process of USA ESTA visa online

There is a simple online process for obtaining an ESTA visa, but you will have to prove that you are eligible to get one. Eligibility proving process has made ESTA visa approval tough. The first step to getting your ESTA Visa is an online application. ESTA visa seeker needs to submit the USA ESTA visa online application for the process to begin. Here you need to give some basic information about yourself. Following that, there is a process of verifying information, and once immigration officers find every information is authentic, they proceed for the approval.

Hence, getting your USA visa and being able to travel to any location within the US is easier than ever before. You can enjoy the full benefits of a real visa while getting it approved expediently online.

Benefits of the ESTA USA Visa application

You can travel anywhere in the US with the possession of an ESTA USA Visa. It is considered as one of the most useful and practical systems developed by the US Government. ESTA (which stands for Electronic System for Travel Authorization) is developed to help regulate the eligibility of visitors who want to travel to the US from countries that belong to the Visa Waiver Program-VWP.

The VWP allows visitors from these countries to travel to any place within the USA without any restriction. It has already been used by a plethora of travelers in the past. Whether you want to go to New York, California or Chicago, holders of the ESTA are granted permission to traveling to any location in the entire country, including Alaska and Hawaii too. Although explorers are required to limit their stays to 90 consecutive days, the ESTA visa stands valid for up to 2 years from the date of issue. It means you can come back to the US for the duration of that period, without having to go through the procedure of getting your USA ESTA visa online again. Finally, you can observe that the procedure of getting your USA ESTA visa online is curiously straightforward and more convenient than getting a US visa through the regular procedure. You just need to make sure to meet the criteria of eligibility.

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How To Cover Jaipur In 1 Day 0

Nearly 3 centuries since its commencement, the pink city of Jaipur isn’t

pink anymore. Jaipur is a fascinating and historical city which provides

range of unique and charming activities and attractions. Jaipur typically
requires two or three days to fully explore but unfortunately, due to

of time or any other external factors may only allow for a single day

to discover the city. But I am here to provide you a suggested itinerary
for a 1-day tour to Jaipur, which includes only the most popular and best
sections of the city.

The day will be divided into two parts; where the first section leads to
the city center of Jaipur and the second section travels to the Amer Fort
and the Jal Mahal. If you love to ride an elephant up to Amer fort then

palace must be visited during the morning, as the elephants perform a set
number of trips per day. The second section of the day (Amer fort)

a taxi or rickshaw because it is 8km outside of the city center.

Jaipur 1 Day Tour – Morning

1. City Palace

The magnificent City Palace, home of the Maharaja. This sprawling complex
comprises of grand state rooms, museums, and decorative gates. The museum
rooms have displays ranging from historic art to armory – there are

to see in the palace so expect to spend around 1-2 hours here.

Duration of visit: 1-2 Hours
Timings: 9 AM to 5 PM
Entry Fee: Rs.75 for Indians & Rs.300 for Foreigners

2. The Hawa Mahal (palace of winds)
The Hawa Mahal, a multi-windowed, lattice-like façade of the City Palace,
best viewed from the Siredeori Bazaar. From the small windows of this
Mahal, the wives of the Maharaja could spy daily life without being seen

the commoners. The latticework played another useful feature as it
channeled up the cooler air and provided a constant breeze in the
staterooms, hence it is named as the Palace of the winds.

Duration of visit: 30 Mins
Timings: 9 AM to 4.30 PM
Entry Fee: Rs.10 for the Indians and Rs.50 for Foreigners

3. Jantar Mantar

The Jantar Mantar is the third sight to be visited during the morning and
should only be visited if there is sufficient time. These two magical

“Jantar Mantar” chanting in India by many people in their childhood to
fulfill their dreams but these words mean more than that. Also, it
signifies the “instruments for measuring the peace of the heavens”. It is
to be one of the largest observatories ever built.

Duration of visit: 30 Mins – 1 Hr
Timings: 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM
Entry Fee: Rs.40 for the Indians & Rs.100 for Foreigners

Jaipur 1 Day Tour – Afternoon

4. Amer Fort

Amer Fort is the most import fortifications in Rajasthan and combines
impenetrable defences with intricate marble detail. The fort clings to


steep hill and provides commanding views over the region while inside are
sumptuous rooms and symmetrical gardens. The Amer fort is the icon of
Jaipur and enough time should be provided to explore this palace, I must
include that if you are planning your India trip then you may get to know

what to do in India

Duration of visit: 2 Hours
Timings: 8 AM to 5.30 PM
Entry Fee: Rs.25 for Indians & Rs. 200 for Foreigners

5. Jal Mahal (Water Palace)

In the 18th century, the palace was constructed for duck hunting lodge by
the Maharaja and appears to be floating on the still waters of Lake The palace can be viewed from the banks of the lake so take 20 minutes to
enjoy the view.

Duration of visit: 20 – 30 Mins
Timings: 9 AM to 5 PM
Entry Fee: Rs. 50 for person

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9 Types of Traveler That People Are 0

Are you among those types of traveler who believes that they have done everything before or still an explorer? Here are ten types of traveler, know who your type:

The conventionalist

Least interested in traveling and yet they do. The conventionalist travels not for himself but to seek social acceptance. Their agenda is not to choose a destination that gratifies them but what approves the social spectrum. If you are wondering that whether these kinds of traveler exists then let me tell you-yes they do!

The tech –Savvy travelers

Some trippers explore new places just to satisfy their quench in taking photos with HDR camera or using travel gadgets. It’s not that they like a particular destination as their idea to traveling is to extract out the beauty of nature.

The thrillers

The thrillers are the ones who are fond of exploring different thrilling and destinations while preferring independent traveling at low cost. They mostly are onto vacay to nature’s paradise or remote locations with only a travel backpack in their journey that can fill their soul with elation.

The party animals

This category of travelers likes to travel just for fun and parties. Even when traveling to a distant location, they traverse nothing else but bars and clubs to chill out. This is why, Goa, Las Vegas, Amsterdam, and Ibiza are some of the most preferred locations of the party-animals as they are popped up with clubs at every street.

The fashionista

Fashion lover at heart who travels the places in seek of new trends in the fashion world. Paris, France, Spain, and Milan are some of the most famous destinations that fashionista loves to dig out. These places hook up the hubs that attract professionals and experts from the bewitching fashion world.

The feeble one

The confused ones who always ask for the best destination and places to look for during their visit to a particular place! They do not have any favorite places nor they Google much to learn what is in the town.

The soul-explorer

Some souls like to travel the world in order to find themselves and nature around to scout their soul-purpose. These searchers like to travel alone at the spots that leave their soul with peacefulness and contentment. Their favorite spots usually include mountains, cliffs, unending roads, and green nature.

The RV travelers

The dearest destination of RV travelers is anywhere on the long roads, islands, National parks, rivers, and anything of that kind. RVing is another type of traveling vacay to spend some quality time with your loved ones.

The Groupies

This breed of travelers love and travel places in groups and relish sightseeing in groups. The group is usually their friends, family, or loved ones. These types of travelers make the most out of their vacay. The ideal purpose is to gather memories, take pictures together, and enjoy with their group. Did you find which type of traveler are you or are you someone totally out of the box? Do comment!

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Best Destinations To Catch The Monsoon Vibe In Rajasthan 0

If summer in Rajasthan means scorching heat and dry weather, monsoons are the spell of rejuvenation, festivity, and happiness in the desert state. You can enjoy the great tour experience with the great tour packages offered by Royal Adventure Tours. The Rajasthan & Jaipur tour packages offered by Royal Adventure Tours make your stay in the state worthwhile.  The extraordinary places to visit in Rajasthan in monsoon are the living proof of how beautiful and amazing the rainy season is in the western part of the country.Some of the best places to visit in Monsson are

  • Jalore

It is one the beautiful place to visit in the Monsoon. The enormous grey sky and greenery of the hills provide an imposing background to the city,  the whole city looks absolutely stunning drenched in the rains when seen from the top of Jalore Fort. Another place to visit in Jalore during the monsoons is the 900-year old Sundha Mata Temple atop Sundha Mountain.

  • Udaipur

As Udaipur is the popular tourist place but its beauty reaches to the top in the monsoons. The clouds come as close as it can get to the lake city and makes the surrounding so eye pleasing and romantic at the same time. In Monsoon it is the most romantic place to visit.

  • Mount Abu

As Mount Abu is the hill Station during monsoons the place looks amazing. Nakki Lake, with its blue waters and clean surroundings, looks even more romantic in the monsoons. The beauty-laden hill station is one of the perfect places to visit in Rajasthan in monsoon.

  • Bundi

One of the things to do in Rajasthan in monsoon is to experience the fanfare of Teej festival in Bundi. Bundi is also surrounded by the beautiful lakes of Jait Sagar, Naval Sagar, and Dugari. Make sure to visit the large waterfall, around 30 km away from Bundi, which makes a fine tourist spot in monsoons.

  • Pushkar

It is most beautiful place to visit in Monsoon. Pushkar has magnetic vibes around it. As It is surrounded by mountains the beauty and the view is so beautiful to watch. Even the Ghats in Pushkar looks so beautiful. Just sit by the Ghats of Pushkar in the evening hear the evening prayers is so relaxing.

  • Jaipur

If you have no idea where to go you can go to Jaipur. As this city has always something new to see and experience. In Monsoons this city looks even more beautiful to visit tourist spots in Jaipur. The best spot to look the wow view of Jaipur in Monsoons is Nahargarh Fort as from there you can see the complete view of Jaipur.

Rajasthan Travel Package includes visiting the heritage and the monuments, participating in the festivals and fares and the exploring the wild in the wildlife and the desert safaris. Avail the best Udaipur tour packages from Royal Adventure Tours that offers customized packages as per your budget. It is one of the best place to book your tour package with the great offers.

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Unveiling some facts about Sigiriya 0

Sigiriya, the UNESCO world heritage site is among the top historic glamor of Sri Lanka. Sigiriya means Lion Rock, literally a carved lion into it. The rock in itself is an archaeological treasure with an ancient kingdom mounted on it. Until the 14th century, this so old rock place was used as a monastery of Buddhist

To let you learn more about Sigiriya, we have crafted 10 ancient facts about this most popular sight

The citadel on top of the site was built by King Kashyap, who ruled from 477 to 495 CE. In order to save himself from attacks by his own brother Moggallana, he chose this place of residence. From a top, one can witness the views of the surrounding area.

The first ever archaeological work of this site was started back in the 1890s.

•    King Kashyap has lived a controversial life as he was born in a non-royal family where he had no right to the throne but still got the royal fame. He fought against his king father Dhatusena, captivated him and had him killed.

•    Before King Kasyapa used Sigiriya as his residence, the kingdom was used as a Buddhist monastery. After the death of the Kasyapa, the place was once again used as a monastery until the 14th century.

•    UNESCO cited Sigiriya as the best example of ancient urban planning in the year 1982.

•    To feel pride, King Sigiriya crafted a mirror wall,  polished in a way so that he could see his reflection whenever he walked by. Evidence also suggested another wall, 140 meters long, and 40 meters high, only covered with the paintings of ladies. The wall graffiti still leaves astonishing thoughts on the mind.

•    On a level up the rock, Kasyapa decided to build a getaway shaped as a lion with a staircase coming from the lion’s mouth itself. This is the reason it is also called Lion Rock by him.

•    The ancient monument attributes a number of water-retaining constructions, sophisticated surfaces and hydraulic systems which are still working today.

•    Some scholars- Lal Srinivas, and  Mirando Obesekara, also believe that Sigiriya and the City of the Gods were monumented 50 centuries before by King Kubera.

•    As per some of the famous mythological manuscripts, the architect of the rock was Maya Danava. In Hindu culture, Maya was a king of the Asura, Daitya, and Raksasa deities. Maya was so famous architect that Mayasabha in Mahabharatha was named after him.

•    The ancient rock fortress is pinned in the Matale district near Dambulla. The place holds remnants of a destroyed palace, variations of gardens, ponds, canals, fountains, and alleys.

  • Researchers have also got validation of rock shelters, caves around the rocks inhabited by monks in the early BC.

When you decide to visit Sri Lanka off chance, do not skip to explore this great ancient site which has ongoing conflicts still going on about its history. Here, in this blog, we have tried to unveil some of the facts that may help you. 

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Top Five Leisure Travel Destinations in India 0

family in winter vacation

India being a secular country dooms distinct geographical landscape and has diverse tourist destinations that befit the interest and preferences of people of all age groups. Tourists from all corners of the world seek after the most popular tourist attractions of India because of its scattered and widespread incredible sites. It is also convenient to travel in India now as all the tourist spots are densely connected by roadways, airways or waterways. Each facet of leisure destination in India has its independent importance that can be contemplated in leisure time by freeing yourself from tiring routine of life.

The destinations that are worth a traveler’s time and money are Kullu Manali, Udaipur, Kerala, Goa, and Sikkim. The specialty of traveling to these destinations is that these destinations cover all four corners of the country and covering these places in leisure time gives an overall idea of the culture, cuisine, lifestyle, and language of different corners of India. Read on to be apprehended of the top five leisure travel destinations that are must to be added on tour destination list this year.

#1- Udaipur-

The true métier of Udaipur which is also known as a city of lakes, lies in its royalty, and palaces. Lake Pichola and Fateh Sagar Lake are the most beautiful lakes of Udaipur and home of many small islands that can be reached by boat. Several humongous palaces are located close to these lakes to unleash a romantic and serene view especially when the sun sets. Architecture and history lovers are enticed by the stellar forts and magnificent palaces in Udaipur like City Palace, Lake Palace, the Monsoon Palace, Ahar Cenotaphs, Kumbhalgarh Fort, Bagore ki Haveli, Bhartiya Lok Kala Museum, Vintage Car Museum, etc.

#2- Kullu Manali

Abiding in the beautiful valley of Kullu, tour to the towns of Kullu and Manali are generally considered as one because of their close geographical connection. Sliding towards the northern parts of India in the state of Himachal Pradesh, Kullu Manali has been known for the enchanting nature’s beauty and temples giving a sense of cultural and religious influence in its architecture. People especially honeymoon couples find their leisure travel standing apart in the tranquility of snowcapped mountains. Divine and ethereal moments deem to last forever when visiting Rohtang Pass, Manikaran, Mall roads, Hadimba temple, Solang valley, and many other places.

#3- Kerala-

Kerala has been evolving as a brand new tourist paradise for the last few years. Known for its extravagant beaches and delicacies this place is indigenous of Ayurveda. Tourists are attracted to Kerala for its serene backwaters, houseboats, and rich culture. Residing in southern India, Kerala exposes kinetic south Indian culture, architecture, language, and food. Awe-inspiring backwaters of Thekkady and Kumarakom, majestic beaches like Varkala and Kovalam, and beautiful flora and fauna of hilly Munnar, unbosom the tourists to prismatic Kerala. Also to spend the leisure time, tourists choose Kerala for it provides Ayurveda massages that give peace, relaxation, and rejuvenation to the soul.

#4- Goa-

Beach and nightlife lovers are fascinated by the unbeatable coastline of Goa that stretches alongside the Arabian sea. Tourists feel chuffed to spend the leisure time walking hand in hand with their loved ones alongside the seashore. A glass of champagne and loud music in clubs at night followed by after party wanders in the town is what they call exhilaration of being a part of Goa’s energetic yet soothing lifestyle. Things to experience in Goa are the grooving along the music in Tito’s nightclub and Deltin Royale Casino boat, acknowledging the history, religious aspects and Portugal influence at Reis Magos Fort, Fontainhas, Naval Aviation Museum, Mageshi temple, Pandava caves, Basilica of Bom Jesus, Chapora Fort, and Fort Aguada, and enjoying watery surroundings at beaches and waterfalls like Calangute, and Dudhsagar falls, Ashwem & Arossim beach.

#5- Sikkim-

Stunning sights and bliss of snowfall in Sikkim stand the state apart from the rest of the country. This north-eastern state has all natural components to soothe the mind and body of tourists who seek a relaxing leisure journey. Tourists are allured by the historical paintings at Phodong Monastery, breathtaking view of Kanchenjunga and mt. Everest at Singalila National Park, and beautiful valleys of Gangtok, Pelling, Zuluk, Namchi, Ravangla, Lachung, Lachen, Yumthang, Nathula Pass, and Yuksom, leaving adventure and nature lovers awestruck. A watery adventure at Teesta river and Tsomgo lake make Sikkim a gem worth exploring. This list is endless as India has enormous tourist attractions that have been captivating a large number of tourist traffic for a long time.

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17 Things to not to forget when travelling in a foreign land 0

People travel and tourism

Do you think packing is all about throwing some clothes in your bag pack and being off to the airport? If yes, then let us correct you. Packing is too important to put off until you leave because the things you forget can cost you bucks to replace during the trip. A well-planned packing can never go in vain as you will be prepared to face every possible situation that comes in.   

Here are 10 things you cannot afford to miss during your visit to a foreign land

  1. Prescriptions: Carry enough medications for the entire stop-over so as to avoid rushing when refilling them.
  2. Phone charger: The good thing about gadgets is that you can find a replacement charger at every place but the bad thing is that it can cost you $15 or more.
  3. Sunglasses: You may not have any problem buying a pair of sunglasses in a foreign place but why pay a tourist-trap price for them.
  4. Sunscreen: Take sunscreen along with you even if it is not a beach destination.
  5. Long-sleeves shirt: Want to get a suntan? Have yourself u a pair of long sleeves shirt during the summer or you may even get goosebumps because the place has the air condition on full?
  6. Bathing suit: Most people do forget to carry a bathing suit along with them. Make sure that you don’t.
  7. Personal hygiene products: Everything from your sanitary napkins to razor to shaving kit makes up your personal hygiene. Ask your hotel if they provide complimentary toiletries.
  8. First aid kit: Pack a few bandages, antibiotic ointment and disinfectant liquid along with your first aid kit.
  9. Passport: This is the first and the foremost thing to have during your foreign trip. Prevent yourself from rushing back home by keeping it in your handbag where you can easily find it.
  10. Wine: A bottle of wine or cans of beer just to charge your vacay mode. Keep the bottle carefully so as to prevent it from breaking in your luggage.
  11. Snacks: Some eateries to carry for your babies so you don’t get overcharged at the airport.
  12. Cash:  Withdraw enough of the cash so as to avoid standing in the queue at your destination’s ATM.
  13. Umbrella: You don’t want to get caught in the rain in the forest, do you? You might not where you may find a sudden shower of a thunderstorm in a tropical area.
  14. Towels: Space-filler, but anyways you need to pack them even if your holiday accommodation provides but yea you can pack it accordingly.
  15.  Reading materials: Although the airport provides a pile of books and magazines, you can consider your favorite author or novel to be with you along the journey.
  16. Cosmetics: Unless you travel to travel to a desert it is likely that you will get your favorite brands in every corner of the world but why pay for a lipstick or a blusher that you already have in your home?

17 Camera: We know that your cell phone can take good pictures but why not DSLR? Capture those moments with high picture quality cameras instead of letting your cell phones do it for you.

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