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8 Things You Should Avoid While Traveling 0

Traveling is one of those activities that rejoice your life and give a great piece of adventure. And a good traveler knows how to respect the aura of the destination. People oftentimes plan for things to do on their trip but people usually forget about what they shouldn’t do on a trip. However, you mustn’t do things that can be disrespectful to others. Therefore, here are 8 things that you should avoid from doing while traveling

Avoid Eating at Restaurants near Popular Tourist Attraction

If you want the real taste of the destination’s famous cuisine, avoid eating at restaurants near popular places because they are highly overpriced and sometimes their dishes are half the flavor of what you’ll find elsewhere Instead choose to eat someplace far from the popular tourist attraction to get the actual taste of local cuisine.

Don’t take Photograph of Others Without Permission

You should think twice before taking an unknown person’s photo. Hence, the best thing to do is ask for permission first before taking any pictures of people. It will keep you away from getting into trouble and It is also a good way to communicate with local people.

Do not Use Phone

Smartphone is necessary as you can take pictures, check the map, and can do a small research about the destination, but don’t use too often as it spoils the fun in the trip. In order to avoid that put your phone down and just experience the fun by looking around the destination, or you can consider leaving it at the place where you are staying.

Avoid Booking Too Early

This something that most of the early birds do, however, it is not entirely wrong to book your early, but waiting for the right moment or tour package can save you a lot of money. Book those packages that offer additional benefits at a reasonable price. Wait for the last minute as most of the travel agencies provide exclusive offers and deals on these packages.

Don’t Skip Travel Insurance

Traveling to far places is fun and exciting but emergencies can happen at any time. From injuries to thefts to natural disasters, anything can obstruct your tour and also adds unnecessary cost to your travel expenses. Therefore, getting travel insurance is a viable option as it will protect you from any mishappenings.

Don’t Remove Hostel from Your Accommodation List

Many people have this stereotype that hostels have smelly and unclean facilities but nowadays, hostels are actually very clean, hygienic, and well-equipped with facilities that most hotels don’t have. They aren’t just incredibly affordable, but also have numerous facilities like wifi, laundry, pools, and even rooftop gardens.

Don’t Confine Yourself on Strict Itinerary

Only engaging yourself in your travel route is not the best option, instead, try going out to promising places, like a local village, or a small town. However, do a little research or take help from the locals before visiting any offbeat places. Exploring offbeat destination can turn out to be more fascinating than traveling to a famous place.

Don’t Really on Popular Travel Sites.

It is highly recommended, don’t entirely build your opinion by just staring at the popular travel websites. Instead, expand your research and check out domains that are rising in the travel business or you can take recommendations from people who have been to that particular destination.

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Why You Should Hire a New York Airport Limousine Service 0

Hello Traveler If we asked New Yorkers the one thing they disliked about the city the most, nearly all of them would say the traffic. Once you manage to get through the throngs of other drivers, you have to find a parking spot. No wonder so many say “forget about it!” If you have any way to avoid driving yourself somewhere, you should take it and nowhere is this more true than going to the airport. It seems like everyone is trying to get to John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) at the same time you are! This is why NY airport limousine services have become so popular in the last few years and are continuing to thrive.

If you haven’t yet found a company for New York airport limousine services and are considering it, you are making the right choice. Consider the following benefits: 

#1. Its Hassle Free.

Limousine rentals in NY are very popular for many occasions beyond just the airport because of the traffic and parking situation in the city. A New York native very often doesn’t even have a driver’s license because it is so difficult to maneuver the roads here, much less find a parking spot and make it to your gate on time. Let someone else worry about all of that, like a professional chauffeur!

#2. It’s More Affordable Than You Think.

If you think limousines are only for celebrities and rich people, think again. This type of transportation is much more affordable than you imagine, especially if you can split it several ways with a few other people you are traveling with.

#3 Your Vacation can Start Early.

When you are worrying about getting to the airport on time, finding a parking spot a mile away, and lugging all your bag through countless parking garages and elevators, you are too stressed to be excited for your trip. When you take a limo, your vacation begins the moment you leave your driveway! You can begin snacking, drinking, and having a good time before you even arrive at JFK.

#4 You Can Unwind.

Of course, the airport goes both ways. If you are arriving at JFK on an airplane and coming into the city, you’ve probably already had a tough day of traveling. Do you want to add on the extra stress of remembering where you parked your car, finding money to pay at the booth, and getting out into traffic? No way! Have a limo pick you up at the curb and take a much-needed break. 

You can find a company that offers you reliable, top-notch transportation services to and from the airport to enjoy these benefits for yourself!

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Top 5 Places To Visit in Egypt 0

With so much to see in this vast country, it may be difficult to know where to start when it comes to planning a trip to Egypt.

The land of Pharaohs, Art, and Beauty offers countless destinations to enjoy like Hurghada, one of the top 25 tourist destinations in the world according to TripAdvisor, and Cairo where the history of Egypt literally comes alive beside Giza Pyramids and their timeless guard the Great Sphinx, the Egyptian Museum, and some of the most beautiful Islamic and Coptic landmarks. These are just a few key locations, but wonderful destinations for any type of traveler can be found all over this country. And here you will find a list of top 5 places to visit in Egypt that will make your vacation a memorable one.

Valley of the Kings


Many people know Egypt only for its Pyramids and Sphinx, but a few hours away from the Pyramids in Luxor there is an underground miracle called Valley of the Kings where some of the Greatest ancient Egyptian kings and queens were buried with their own treasures and sacred stuff as the Egyptians believed that death is just a gate to the immortality so they prepared their tombs with everything they might need in the afterlife. Valley of the Kings is filled with amazing hieroglyphs art and decoration that you should at least see once in your life.

Philae Temple

Philae Temple source

The charming and picturesque Philae Temple is the perfect destination for every beauty lover, it’s dedicated to Isis the goddess of motherhood, magic, death, healing, and rebirth. Philae is where the most elaborate and influential story in ancient Egyptian mythology was carved (Isis and Osiris).

In the night there is Sound and Light show at the temple through which you can take a journey to the past and imagine Philae Temple thriving with life on this multimedia journey that awakens your senses, discover the legends of Isis and Osiris through a narrated tale accompanied by dramatic lighting and captivating music.

Abu Simbel Temple

Abu Simbel Temple source

The Temple of Abu Simbel is one of those must-see, bucket-list destinations that have been attracting visitors for centuries since its constructions by the Egyptian King Ramses The Great “Ramses II” who built another small temple beside his own one for his beloved queen Nefertari as a proof of his immortal love.

If you are lucky enough to be in Egypt on the 22nd of February or October, you should visit the temple to enjoy the Sun Festival where the sun’s rays illuminate the inner sanctum of the temple on these days that believed to be King Ramses’ birthday and the day he stood in the throne.

Khan El Khalili

Khan El Khalili source

No visit to Cairo is Complete without a stop at the Khan El-Khalili bazaar in the heart of Islamic Cairo, this busy and colorful open-air bazaar is filled with unique and beautiful items from spices and jewelry to perfumes and souvenirs.

Khan El-Khalili is surrounded by a huge number of Islamic and historical structures as once you’re there, you’ll be steps away from Muizz Street which has many examples of medieval Islamic architecture. You’re also close to Al-Hussein and Al-Azhar Mosques.

Hurghada City

Hurghada City source

Hurghada is more than just a great beaching destination. Wonderful beaches can be found all over Egypt, but Hurghada offers a unique atmosphere like no other city. Tourist resorts and first-class hotels provide excellent aquatic sports facilities for sailboarders, yachtsmen, scuba divers, and snorkelers. Hurghada’s location makes it even more special as from Hurghada you can easily reach any other city in Egypt like Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan and with booking one of Hurghada tours you can take a day off the sea and water to discover the historical landmarks and enjoy another side of Egypt.

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How To Apply Indian Visa | Top Six Benefits of An India E-visa 0

E-visa for India is a huge step that is introduced by the Indian Government. They kept in mind the main goal of letting the people know around the world that making a trip to India is now easy and hassle-free. Indian E-visa is further sub-categorized into an E-restorative visa, E-business visa, and E-visitor visa. The applicants can apply any of these categories according to their travel purpose. The whole thing is operated electronically, allowing the applicant to apply for the visa from anywhere in the world. However, there is something that visitors need to get such as the international ID card and printed version of the e-visa in order to get into the Indian territory. The same instructions go to the citizens of the United Kingdom, who are willing to apply for India visa

Here are some of the benefit of Indian E-visa that foreign nationals can reap.

Quick Process

Indian Government website. You do it yourself and follow the instructions they lay out.

iVisa website. This is the easiest way as they have a “zero frustration policy”.

The main advantage of applying for e-visa is the speedy process and that is where the quality is determined for the process. It is a common thing that no one wants to be in a state where they are forced to wait for long hours, thus, the government has made the process as direct as possible, so that every related information is passed on to the applicant.

Step by Step here’s how to get the e-visa for India

  1. Go to this iVisa link.
  2. Enter your nationality and the country you are traveling to.
  3. Select tourist e-visa with the green “apply now” button.

Online Verification Documents

This benefit allows the applicants to easily apply for the e-visa and provide essential documents so that the documents can be verified properly. The website allows the applicants to upload the related documents online.

BUT if you want to have your Indian visa in hand before you travel click here for iVisa who arranges indian visas for a service fee of $25 USD for passport holders from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, etc.

Instant Approval

After filling the E-visa application, it doesn’t take much time to approve unless the application contains some error. In case if a tourist is looking for tickets and has already applied for the e-visa, the approval will not take much time and he/she will be able to move onto the next part for their planning quickly.   

Simple and Easy Process

The filling an online application form is time-effective because it is simple and easy. Even if the tourists are unable to fill the details on their own, the website can guide them on what information needs to be filled in which column. This easy process allows the applicant to complete the application no time without facing any hassle.

No Need to Travel to The Indian Embassy

The applicants who are applying for the Indian e-visa application, are no longer required to travel to the Indian consulate or embassy to apply for their visa. This benefit saves a lot of time and money for those who want to travel to this beautiful country for a short duration.

More Time for Review

Now, the applicants have the time to review their answers before submitting the application. This option has led to a decrease in the number of rejections which happens due to minor mistakes made in the application. Through these options, applicants can make sure that they have provided all the necessary details. Those foreign nationals who are looking to apply for the Indian E visa application online will encounter its multiple benefits as stated in this article. These advantages can only be embraced if the applicant intends on making a short trip to this country.

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Everything You Should Know About Shimla Manali Tour 0

The state of Himachal Pradesh in North-India has a lot to offer to the visitors and tourists coming to this place. Shimla and Kullu Manali are the most prominent tourist destinations in this state and are famous for their outstanding landscapes and attractive sites. If you wish to explore the beauties of these places, find Shimla and Manali package that will provide you with a convenient and stress-free tour, while enabling you to make the most of it.


How to reach Shimla

Many state-run buses and private buses connect Delhi to Shimla and can easily be booked online. The bus fare varies according to the weather condition which is why it is always better to have a weather update before you travel. If you wish to travel by train, the best way to reach Shimla is to board a train from Delhi. Many trains connecting Delhi and Kalka are available, allowing tourists to embark on their jaunt to Shimla after a five to seven hours of the train journey. If it is stressful to manage all these trips by yourself, it would be a good idea to book a tour package where the agency will arrange all the hectic traveling process.

Hotels in Shimla

Starting from the low budget to luxurious hotels, Shimla replete with a wide range of hotels. It is always better to book the hotels in advance if you are planning to visit during the peak season like summer and New Year as you will find congestion due to heavy tourist traffic during this period. Also, a tour package can help you choose the hotels according to your budget with a range of discounts available in their plans. 

Attractive sites and activities in Shimla

The Ridge and Mall Road are considered as the most popular sightseeing places in Shimla. Shopping at the mall road’s varieties of shops selling gifts, fruits, and woollen and wood products will make your tour remarkable. The Jakhu Temple, Kali Bari Temple, etc. are some other interesting sites in Shimla. Shimla Water Catchment Sanctuary is also one of the famous tourist sites with its unique floras and faunas. Trekking at the Annadale, The Glen, Wildflower Hall, and Mashobra is one of the most interesting activities that should never be missed. Prospect Hill and Kamna Devi, Chadwick Falls, Mashobra, Kufri, Chail, Tattapani are other tourist spots that can be visited as a part of your Shimla Manali tour.


Reaching Manali

It takes an approximate distance of 257 km to reach Manali from Shimla and the best way to reach Manali from Shimla is by a cab or bus.

Hotels in Manali

There is a wide variety of hotels in Manali which you can book according to your budget and the type of tour you wish to have. For Honeymoons, it would be a great idea to stay in those resorts with a peaceful environment a step away from the crowd of the main market. For family tours, it would be ideal for you to stay in the well-aligned hotels in Mall Road.

Activities and sites to explore in Manali

Manali is gifted with the aesthetic beauty of its unique landscapes and peaceful environment. The sloppy mountains are the best for trekking, camping in the wild forests, River-rafting at the Beas river are some of the exciting activities that you should never miss out on. Adventurous activities like paragliding and skiing are also very common during a tour to Manali. You can opt for trekking at the most popular trekking sites of Manali such as Kheerganga, Beas Kund, Jogini waterfalls, and Hampta Pass. The sacred temples and monasteries in Manali have also been providing spiritual awakenings to the visitors. The 15th Century temple of Hadimba, the Vashisht temple, and the small temple of Lord Shiva of Kheerganga are some of the prominent sacred places for the Hindus. Sites like Rohtang Pass and Solang Valley are recommended if you wish to get the mesmerizing view of icy panoramas. It would be beyond the human capability to describe the beautiful features and fun of Shimla Kullu Manali Tour. The foregoing is a few information about what you can expect from a Shimla Manali tour. If you wish to feel and know more about the real fun and beauty of these places, obtain a Shimla-Manali tour package from a reputable and recognized agency who has a long-time experience of providing tour services.

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Top Lesbian Travel Destinations in America You Should Definitely Visit 0

Since planning a trip isn’t everything, you should never forget the right way to implement the planning and get straight to some of the best destinations. But, how will you know about the most happening destinations for lesbians that’s where the whole story puts a hold.

To help you deal with the clasp of not finding the right lesbian destination, we have mentioned a few names below that are worth visiting when in America. Also, the best part about these places is they are specifically known for the LGTB community and have something interesting about them that attract a number of tourists every year. No matter if you are travelling solo or with your partner, these places are definitely worth hitting on this year.

Montreal, Canada

Ever since Canada approved of same-sex marriage in 2005, it is now that the same destination has become a home to LGBT tourists. From, Quebec, to Toronto to Vancouver no one will ever realize that the culture of accepting same-sex affairs got into existence just 14 years ago. Especially talking about Montreal, the city is known for its striking LGBT nightlife and, unlike most of the famous LGBT, destinations are much focused on female clientele.

Another perk of spending fun time with your partner is you won’t end up burning your pocket as the destination isn’t very expensive. The most wanted tip, while you plan for the place, is choosing an outing for the summers. Though there isn’t much difference when you choose cooler months, when you choose summers for your outing, you are more likely to enjoy a plethora of fun outdoor activities in full swing.

P-Town, Mass, USA

P-Town, originally known as Provincetown is a little casting township at the northerly tip of Cape God. With over two hundred sovereign shops, a plethora of art galleries, delectable eateries, and magnificent shores, this spot remains in the favorite books of the LGTB communities. No matter, if you are a straight or gay, this place, is sure to impress everybody with its alluring charm, however, once you be here you will notice the place is exclusively for the lesbian travelers. Places like these are hard to find where the main objective is to celebrate freedom in a way that it makes the LGBT community engaging for people.

While planning for the place, make sure a number of women events are on the go and choose the one you feel like going with, suiting your interests and preferences. One of the major annual gathering or I should say the largest annual meeting of lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgender, and queer-identified families in the world called Family Week is arranged here that you cannot afford to miss.

New York City, USA Top-ranked amongst the best LGBTQ destination in the US, New York City is a complete retreat for lesbians. An event called Pride of Prides is held in the city for over a month, celebrating around 50 different events along with the audience. In case you are still not convinced to visit the place by now, here are a few more reasons to be in the city and lover every state of being a lesbian. The striking Broadway productions, the world-famous art galleries, and dozens of crowd rushing to enjoy the striking beauty of the exceptional New York City are worth dying for. Another valid reason to be in New York would be the hypnotizing lesbian nightlife. Get around the best bars in the city and you will know why we have called it hypnotizing, the Cubbyhole Bar, the Henrietta Hudson, and the modern Hot Rabbit party that is solely arranged for women and are counted amongst the best parties around the town. The most recommended thing is to first check the events calendar for lesbians before you plan to visit in New York City.

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Explaining How Traveling Inspires a Positive Life Change 0


Life puts everyone in one such condition when we feel that our life is running out of our hands and there is no hope for a good future. Sadness also dives in thereby worsening the situation. But have you ever considered sadness as just a state of mind and realized it is never too late to start over again and to change the way our mind thinks? Well, do it now and see how many doors open to you allowing you to finally do something that you love and makes you happy. Some people find joy in singing and others find traveling inspiring, but few know how amazingly activities that make us happy also inspire a positive life change. Traveling is considered one of the most inspiring activities in life which have many beneficial facets hidden in it whether it is mountain trekking and climbing in the mighty Himalayas of Nepal or deep water diving in crystal clear sea water of Andaman and Nicobar.  

Traveling is what most people want to do but end up avoiding because they are stuck in the turmoil of their life. If you ignore these hurdles for once and plan a trip to the place you always wanted to visit, you never know what box of gems it might expose you to. To omit every bit of doubt one may have about the inspiration traveling, let’s read on ways in which traveling inspires a massive life change.

1- It helps in realizing which place you actually like-

We reside in a place where we earn our livelihood but that doesn’t mean we actually like that place. Travelling gives you exposure to the different environment, culture, homes, and cities fostering in you a feeling that this is where you want to live, and this is the type of weather and environment you want to surround ourselves with.

2- It inculcates innovative ideas-

If you have reached that point in business where you don’t know what step you should take next to grow your business further, then consider traveling to places that you have always wanted to visit. No wonder, what innovative ideas you might come up with while traveling because traveling helps clear your vision and reignite creative thinking.

3- It gives insight into exciting jobs-

Making what you love to do your profession has many benefits to offer. While traveling people come across exciting and fun jobs that prevail besides behind the desk job. The tourism sector is flourishing because of increasing professionalism in this sector. Jobs like a tour guide and diving instructors have gained prominence in the traveling sector which people love to do because they get paid for traveling and accompanying people on tours.

4- It encourages you to pursue your passion-

Said that traveling clears the mind and helps in creative thinking, traveling also helps to inspire people that going after their passion is not wrong. Many people find it difficult to summon the courage to ditch their mundane and mediocre lifestyle to pursue their passion. By taking a break to travel to different places can actually help to foster this courage and enthusiasm in people for getting started with jobs they are passionate about.

5- It gives a new outlook on life

If someone has a negative outlook on life, just for once, take a trip to places of interest. Traveling leaves a positive impact on the perspective of people and ultimately makes them humble towards life. Traveling is responsible for a dramatic change in the outlook of people towards everything around them and brings out the positive and calming attitude in them.

Hitherto, traveling has changed many lives who said that before traveling their life was boring and dull with no certain purpose of living. By simply going out on a trip to a different place from your regular surrounding, you can turn your life into what you love.

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Planning a US Road Trip: Here Are Essentials You Can’t-Miss 0

Relaxation And Lounge Scene

Though getting the local food tasted might be one of the ways to explore the countryside, it will not take you down on the adventures awaiting that on the roads. Which is why road tripping, is one of the most popular options whenever somebody has to plan an impromptu outing or drive you through the adventuresome roads. Be it about peeping outside the car window and filling your stomach with good vibes or just stop by a random food joint, there is something different about going on road trips. However, while you are planning for a road trip in the US, you should know that the highway systems have already been upgraded and since the distances are long, being prepared for the temperature challenges is normal. Keeping the same ideology in mind, here are a few essentials named so, you get them in your car before heading to US road trip.

A Road Map

Ain’t that sounds too old, especially when you have apps for keeping you on the right track? Practically it’s not about old the real point is to have fun and, there is no fun in going for road trips without a paper map. While you head on this exhilarating road trip, don’t forget to take yours and have fun while you navigate your friend through the tough roads.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Music is life and, they must be a fool who survive a whole road trip without music. Now, when you will go on a road trip there are possibilities of your phone running out of battery and your charger may ditch you sometimes here is when your Bluetooth speaker will keep you going through the entire journey. Though people might prefer the speaker size of their choice, I recommend taking the ones that are easy to carry and, can easily catch radio signals.

Travel insurance

Few of you might be eager to know how this travel insurance will do any good for your US road trip. This essential is specifically for the outsiders who are traveling to the US from a different country. Now, talking about the essentiality of the insurance we all know how unpredictable this life is and so are your road trips thus always travel with insurance in your bag. In case you are from the US, you don’t have to worry about this it will include in your health insurance.

Roadside Emergency Kit

Getting on the roads with full-planning is the smartest decision and, those who follow it ace the road trip challenge anyway. However, talking about this essential’s importance, you cannot predict about the mishap waiting for you in the next turn which is why taking a roadside emergency kit along is highly preferable. Though many of you might not use it, keeping up with the precautions is always safe never know when you might need it.

Car Phone Mount

There are times when you can’t take off your car for some of the other reasons and, you finally end up renting one. This essential tip is for all those travelers who have higher chances of disapprovals for taking the car out in the future. The car phone mount literally turns out to be a savior when you rent a car that doesn’t have an in-built GPS, considering the same when you will carry a car phone mount, you can easily use your phone for navigation.

Small Cooler

The real fun of a road trip is in the summers when the sun shines bright straight on your head and you gotta run away from it. Having a small cooler in your car not just saves you money but, also stops you from taking any halt midway. The best part about carrying these coolers is they come in a number of option that you can choose from like flip-lid ones, thermoelectric ones or any other. All you gotta do is fill the cooler with every kind of food you would love to eat on your road trip and, enjoy.

Appropriate Clothing

Last but, not the least how can anyone forget about their own clothing anyway. The safer side is to carry a clothing collection with keeping the temperature in mind. Check the weather forecasts before you step out for the ultimate road trip and, in case you find the weather to be inappropriate, pack your clothes accordingly. So, now that you have known what essential it will take to start a kickass US road trip, don’t forget to drive safe and keep checking on your parents.

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NYC Tour Guide: 5 Incredible Things to Do in New York 0

Los Angeles tour guide

If there is ever any existing city that never sleeps, New York City will be the only name rushing down your mind. Dream to many but, reality to very few, New York remains to be one of the best attractions around the world. Now, there is this question why it is counted as one of the best attractions despite having any architectural history behind it or any alluring landscapes surrounding it. The answer to this obvious question would be the never-ending charm of the city that keeps the travelers invigorated. For many of you, NYC would be the center of the earth, for foodies, it may be the best place to soothe the taste buds, for fashion lovers the city might be a complete retreat and the list never comes to an end. Likewise, the city never fails to spread the charm amongst the travelers. While you are finally deciding to hop on the NYC tour guide , you might know that there is a pool of things you can do around every corner of the city.

#1 Get Charmed in Times Square

Considered as one of the most frenzied part of the NYC, Times Square is all about flashing lights and a huge crowd accompanying you. Surrounded by the turbulent blend of huge underwater billboards, television broadcasts, flashing displays, Elmo clones, and naked cowboys are sure to put you into another state while you visit here.

#2 Astonishing Experience at Empire State Building

New York’s iconic skyline is world famous and, there is no better way to experience it all on your own. Get amazing feels by standing on the top of Rockefeller Center and amuse yourself watching the best of views of the Empire State Building.

#3 Explore the Grand Statue of Liberty

Approach the Liberty Island from Battery Park via ferry and let yourself put into a sense of wonder. Except for the huge and defined aura of the Statue of Liberty, one may also get through the colonial era at the Ellis Island National Museum. Unlike any other museum, the place has also numerous artifacts, taped oral histories and photographs.

#4 Head to Brooklyn via Brooklyn Bridge

One of the most iconic structures of the city, Brooklyn Bridge is absolutely stunning. The other best part about the bridge is the cheerful feeling you get while walking across the East River on top of the wooden-planked structure. While you head to the Brooklyn city via Brooklyn bridge, you are more likely to encounter some of the best panoramas of Lower Manhattan.

#5 Pay Homage at the 9/11 Memorial

World Trade Center’s bombing in 1993 is hidden to none. The 9/11 Memorial still continues to respect the ones who lost their lives in the terror attack. Pay homage to the people who were killed and take a flashback with the 30-foot waterfalls lying on the footstep where the Twin Towers once stood straight. Spread over an acre, the pools are huge and come under one of the largest man-made pools in entire North America.

Don’t forget to miss out on these incredible places that might make your NYC tour worth remembering.

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Different Types of Tours in India 0

Traveling in India is an incredible experience. The land is a home to several cultures, topography, communities, religion, different styles of architecture and much more. There are different types of tours in India that tourists’ book for an enriching experience.

The tourism industry in India has been growing at a remarkable rate. The india country’s glorified culture, Wildlife ,historical monuments, climatic conditions and capricious topography attract tourists from every corner of the world tour.

There are various Indian tour packages available that can help you experience the myriad tourist destinations.

  • The Adventure Tourism:

In the last decade, adventure tourism in India has bloomed at a significant rate. The tourists have been exploring several exotic places and trying various adventure activities like trekking, rock climbing, kayaking, paragliding, and many more thrilling activities. The most popular destinations for adventure seekers are Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Assam, Ladakh, Arunachal Pradesh and Kerala.

  • Wildlife Tourism:

India is a home to diverse wildlife. India hosts several wildlife sanctuaries and national parks. Some of the most popular wildlife tourism destinations are Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary (Rajasthan), Periyar National Park (Kerala), Kaziranga National Park (Assam), Corbett National Park (Uttarakhand), Ranthambore National Park (Rajasthan), Gir Forest National Park (Gujarat) and many more. These destinations attract wildlife explorers and photographers in numbers.

  • Pilgrimage Tourism:

Pilgrimage sites and shrine in India are unique. Being a secular state, India is the hub of many religious sites where devotees of different beliefs come and worship. Varanasi is the hub of religious for all the devotees from around the globe for its traditions and rituals. Other pilgrimage sites include Meenakshi Temple in Tamil Nadu, Golden Temple in Amritsar, Sun Temple and Jagannath Temple (Odisha), Churches like Santa Cruz Cathedral Basilica, Basilica of Bom Jesus, Velankanni Church and mosques like Jama Masjid, Juma Mosque, Makkah Masjid and many more. These pilgrim sites represent the communal harmony amongst the various ethnic groups.

  • Cultural Tourism:

India is an enchanting destination of festivals and special occasions. Tourists find festivals the ideal time to experience the richness of the country. Besides visiting during festivals, tourist visits the country to explore the magnificent architecture of the forts and palaces and learn about their history.

  • Honeymoon Tourism:

Various Indian destinations serve as romantic getaways to the newlyweds. Destinations like Coorg (also known as Scotland of India), Kerala (God’s own country), isolated islands of Lakshwadeep or lively Goa are ideal to spend some quality time with the spouse.

  • Wellness Tourism:

India is a land of Yoga and Ayurveda. Every year, tourists visit the country to take retreat from their life. The wellness tourism offers a range of treatments and therapies to rejuvenate one’s body, mind, and soul. One of the most popular destinations in Kerala.

There are different types of india tour are catering to the different needs of the tourists and making their traveling experience a warm one.

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