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Effective Ways to Plan Your Family Vacation on a Budget 0

Some of the most memorable vacations are the once that are with families, and often a well-planned family vacation can save you a lot of money. Vacation with family will help you unwind the parent-child relationship and strengthen your family bonding. Planning a family vacation on a budget is hard and time-consuming, especially if you have a budget. But with a little creativity and preparation, you can easily afford a budget vacation without missing out on any of the entertainment. Here are some cool methods to plan a family vacation on a budget but before that don’t forget to book your suitable package from various family tour .

Browse for Discounted Vacation Packages

Family vacation is expensive and it takes a lot of searching to do if you have a tight budget. Look at those for a family that offer exclusive deals with additional benefits as it will save you a lot of bucks. Most of the tour agencies provide these kinds of heavy offers at the end of the season hence, you can take advantage of that.

Consider Timing for Travel

Planning your family vacation at the right time is the main key to eliminate overspending. Preparing for the vacation early is the ideal time as it keeps you away from last-minute vacation stress. Deciding the proper date for vacation helps you plan your work schedule accordingly and gives you enough for packing.

Consider Off-Season Vacation

Off-season visits to a certain destination spot is an ideal time to go on vacation with family. Some vacation spots look even more exciting, more relaxing and less expensive when fewer tourists are around. In the off-season, most resorts and hotel prices are down, and you will get to enjoy amazing activities at less cost.

Cut Down Extra Expenses

Sometimes, cutting some extra expenses will reduce your vacation budget. For instance, staying at a hotel that provides complimentary breakfast will reduce the cost of having one meal per day. Try taking items like toys, books, and games, this will not only trim costs but it also keeps your family members engaged through the travel journey.

Take Public Transport

Consider taking public transportation to connect yourself with local life and it will give your family the experience of that destination. Some big cities even provide travel passes that can even be more affordable to travel around.

Take Vacation Homes rather than Hotels

Vacation homes are much more affordable especially if you are traveling with the big family. They are much cheaper than hotels, they provide more space, and most of them consist of kitchens. Renting a home will save you money on daily hotel meals as you can just cook them in vacation homes.

Be Adaptable with Your Destination

Never seek your eyes on one destination, instead, make a list of places that you want to visit and pick one of them by taking advice from the family members. This will give you enough time to select the perfect tourist spot for your family vacation.

Get a Travel Saving Account

Getting a savings account specifically for traveling is an ideal option as it will only contain your travel expenses so wouldn’t spending that money on something else. You can save your money in that savings account for future vacation trips.

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India First Private Train: Delhi to Lucknow Tejas Express Know More about and How to Book 0

The Tejas Express is India’s first semi-high speed fully air-conditioned train Introduced by IRCTC.The coaches of first Tejas Express of India, which runs between Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus, Mumbai and Karmali.There are 14 non-executive chair cars and they can seat up to 72 passengers each in 3+2 configuration. The coaches have energy-efficient LED lights and digital destination display boards. Coaches have bio-vacuum toilets, water level indicators, tap sensors, hand dryers, integrated braille displays, LED TV for each passenger with phone sockets, local cuisine, celebrity chef menu, WiFi, tea & coffee vending machines, magazines, snack tables, CCTV cameras, fire & smoke detection and suppression system

Tejas Express is first Private Train is running Delhi to Lucknow ,lucknow to Delhi. Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) which will operate the train, This is the first time that IRCTC has complete control over the operation and tickets of the train. Tejas Express run between Delhi and Lucknow  . Tejas Express running timing from New delhi to lucknow: Mon ,Wed, Thu,Fri,Sat &Sun

And Lucknow to New delhi running Date Mon ,Wed, Thu,Fri,Sat &Sun

Tejas Express run on 5th October 2019, the train carried 389 passengers.

Delhi to Lucknow Tejas Express Fare:

The fare for Lucknow to New Delhi Tejas Express will be Rs 1,125 for AC chair car and Rs 2,310 for executive chair car. The New Delhi to Lucknow Tejas Express ticket will be priced at Rs 1,280 for AC chair car

Book Tejas Express Ticket online

12586  Tejas Express Route and Schedule

Train No:  12586

Source  New delhi (NDLS)

Destination Lucknow Junction NER/LJN

Journey Distance 512km

Train Travel Time: Approx 6h 15 Min

Train Avg. speed : 82km/hr

Tejas Express Train offered many facilities like:

  • CCTV camera and automatic doors
  • Mobile charging outlets
  • State-of-the-art interior
  • Taxi hiring facilities on-demand
  • Personalized reading lights LED TV
  • IRCTC provides theft insurance of INR 1 lakh for their household items during the time of travel.
  • Pickup and drop baggage facilities between home and train seats.
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Top Places to visit in Central Europe 0

Travelling in Europe is full of beauty, adventure and exitement. I had travelled almost 4 continents. Among them some destinations I travelled by Conducted Tour and some I travelled self. In self traveling, you can visit places as you wish. You can change your destination places according to situation, economical condition and your mindset. Before start a Travel you have to make study of the destinations you want to vist.

Europe is a big continent. Hence, while travelling in Europe we have to make 2 parts of it to see maximum destinations. First part is Central Europe and second is Costal Europe. Central Europe consist countries like Germany, Chez Republic, Austria and the beautiful Switzerland !  These countries have history, art, culture and beauty. These are the countries which have ruins of World War like Germany and Chez Republic, the country having art and culture like Austria and the the country having scenic beauty like Switzerland !  Get the guidance of the top places to visit in Central Europe.

# Frankfurt

A Glass Building having Unique Design

Hurrah !! Getting exitement of the European Countries. Let’s see Germany. In Germany first visit Frankfurt. Frankfurt is well planned city. It is established on both the sides of ‘Rhain’ river. Frankfurt is famous for all banking transaction of Germany. City had absorbed about 120 banks. The population of the city was around 5 lakhs. It includes old as well as new sky scrapers. You can find scenic beauty on both side of river. In Frankfurt you can get Germany’s famous ‘Borga‘beer.


 # Berlin

Now let’s move to the capital of Germany i.e. Berlin. Berlin is famous for ‘Great Berlin Wall’. It is the memory of division of Berlin with Russia and America during world war. Another place is ‘Burden Gate’ – Place of celebration of East and West Germany bound together. ‘Spree’ river flows in Berlin. You can find scenic beauty on the cost of ‘Spree’ river.

# Prague

Then you should travel to Prague which is in Chez Republic. Prague is world-famous city. It has historical importance plus it is famous for its beautiful stone buildings and total peace. The “Prague” city is established on both sides of the “Filtawa” river. In Prag there is Fort having beautiful palace.  In the city you came across very old ‘Saint Nikosakirich “church, which had a six-foot statue. There is also most popular bridge, called “Charles Bridge”. Many artistic statues have been erected on this bridge. 


Let’s move to Vienna, beautiful city in Austria. In Vienna there is huge square made up of stones and surrounded by tall buildings. This was the heart of Vienna city. Near to metro entrance there is a 50-meter high ‘Stevens Cathedral’. A place you must visit in Vienna is “Opera House”. Another place to visit is palace of, ’King Franze Joseph’ i.e. ”Schoenberg” palace. It is huge and large and surrounded by huge gardens.

# Salzburg

Another city to visit in Austria is Salzburg. There are about 70 lakes nearby  Salzburg. Visit them and enjoy scenic beauty. There is also huge salt water lake and Salt Mine.

# Lussen – Zurich – St. Mortiz

Now move to beautiful Switzerland ! Let’s have a beautiful journey of Lussen – Zurich – St. Mortiz with Euro Rail. In the journey you can experience zigzag rail tracks with beautiful snowfall in the mountain. St. Mortiz is the highest railway station in Europe. There is also a Canteen on railway platform on 1785 meters height ! Enjoy the snowfall and adventure.

# Fedrichshifen

From Switzerland you can return to Germany visiting another beautiful destinations. In the return journey you have to travel Lussen to Romanshom. There is a beautiful lake touching the borders of 3 countries i.e. Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Later you can visit Fedrichshifen.

# Munich

Olympic Football Stadium

Then travel to beautiful city of Munich. Munich is the city of Art and Education. There is BMW car showroom and Olympic football stadium. Visit there and you can get interesting information of this famous places.


These are some of the most popular destinations in Central Europe. You can plan Self Tour of these places to get economical travel with maximum enjoyment. Get guidance of self tour on travel guide blog.    

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Different Ways to Plan a Perfect Family Trip 0

Planning a perfect family vacation is time-consuming and hectic, but if planned properly and efficiently, it can make your family trip worth remembering. Family vacation gives you much-needed breaks from the exhausting work life and even improves your health. A vacation is an opportunity to spend some quality time with every family member, including children and elders and develop a special bond with them. Family vacations allow your children to embrace a new side of the world. But all this can be successfully be achieved, only when you plan your trip using the following ways.  

#Choose a Family-friendly Destination

Many places and tours are specially designed for family members of all ages. Some major travel companies offer affordable deals for families for different travel destinations. But you are suggested to create a plan for a certain destination for the coming months and look for those destinations that offer a wide range of activities and attractions. It is essential to consider checking some family tour packages

#Plan Early and Plot Accordingly

If you have decided the place you want to explore, then proceed with garnering the basic knowledge about the destination. You can take advise from your travel agent or search through the internet to know about the place, which will help you to plan your trip properly. Make sure you check other websites and packages so that you can get the best deal. You should pick hose options which will be loved by your kids and get them on board with family vacation so that they can help you plan a schedule.

#Choose the Best Rental Services

Choosing a rental service is a must for your family’s safety and convenience. The prices of these rental services may vary according to your needs. If you have more than 5 family members then it is better to rent a big car as it will be cost-efficient instead of renting 2 small cars.

#Give Your Kids Some Space

Like adults, children also need time to relax during a family vacation. So instead of adding a lot of activities in your vacation, it is better to relax at a less crowded place and enjoy the solitary pursuit. For instance, indulging in rafting and trekking can be tiring, but relaxing at a quiet and calm spot can regenerate your energy. Vacation is not always about the adventure, it sometimes about capturing those little movements with your family that will be remembered for the lifetime.

#Plan a Little Surprise

It is natural that on vacation you can be bored and tired but to keep your interest level high, look for ways to surprise and engage your family by finding them offbeat attractions and activities. This does not only make your vacation more interesting but also helps you to bond with the family. It is better that you know the interest of kids and looks for those places or activities that speak to them in a way they might not expect.

#Build Your Travel Budget

It is very important to consider the budget before planning any family vacation and make sure your savings don’ get exploited and the budget is in reach. After calculating the overall cost, you may find you’re over the budget, but don’t worry, there are numerous ways to adjust your travel budget to make it work. It is best to compare websites to know about tour packages for family

#Pack Smartly

Traveling with kids is more worrisome than the other few things. It is very important to pack smartly and reduce excess baggage. It would be easy for you to get a stroller, crib, etc. at the destination rather than traveling with several items. You can roll up your clothes instead of folding them to make your packing easier.

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How To Cover Jaipur In 1 Day 0

Nearly 3 centuries since its commencement, the pink city of Jaipur isn’t

pink anymore. Jaipur is a fascinating and historical city which provides

range of unique and charming activities and attractions. Jaipur typically
requires two or three days to fully explore but unfortunately, due to

of time or any other external factors may only allow for a single day

to discover the city. But I am here to provide you a suggested itinerary
for a 1-day tour to Jaipur, which includes only the most popular and best
sections of the city.

The day will be divided into two parts; where the first section leads to
the city center of Jaipur and the second section travels to the Amer Fort
and the Jal Mahal. If you love to ride an elephant up to Amer fort then

palace must be visited during the morning, as the elephants perform a set
number of trips per day. The second section of the day (Amer fort)

a taxi or rickshaw because it is 8km outside of the city center.

Jaipur 1 Day Tour – Morning

1. City Palace

The magnificent City Palace, home of the Maharaja. This sprawling complex
comprises of grand state rooms, museums, and decorative gates. The museum
rooms have displays ranging from historic art to armory – there are

to see in the palace so expect to spend around 1-2 hours here.

Duration of visit: 1-2 Hours
Timings: 9 AM to 5 PM
Entry Fee: Rs.75 for Indians & Rs.300 for Foreigners

2. The Hawa Mahal (palace of winds)
The Hawa Mahal, a multi-windowed, lattice-like façade of the City Palace,
best viewed from the Siredeori Bazaar. From the small windows of this
Mahal, the wives of the Maharaja could spy daily life without being seen

the commoners. The latticework played another useful feature as it
channeled up the cooler air and provided a constant breeze in the
staterooms, hence it is named as the Palace of the winds.

Duration of visit: 30 Mins
Timings: 9 AM to 4.30 PM
Entry Fee: Rs.10 for the Indians and Rs.50 for Foreigners

3. Jantar Mantar

The Jantar Mantar is the third sight to be visited during the morning and
should only be visited if there is sufficient time. These two magical

“Jantar Mantar” chanting in India by many people in their childhood to
fulfill their dreams but these words mean more than that. Also, it
signifies the “instruments for measuring the peace of the heavens”. It is
to be one of the largest observatories ever built.

Duration of visit: 30 Mins – 1 Hr
Timings: 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM
Entry Fee: Rs.40 for the Indians & Rs.100 for Foreigners

Jaipur 1 Day Tour – Afternoon

4. Amer Fort

Amer Fort is the most import fortifications in Rajasthan and combines
impenetrable defences with intricate marble detail. The fort clings to


steep hill and provides commanding views over the region while inside are
sumptuous rooms and symmetrical gardens. The Amer fort is the icon of
Jaipur and enough time should be provided to explore this palace, I must
include that if you are planning your India trip then you may get to know

what to do in India

Duration of visit: 2 Hours
Timings: 8 AM to 5.30 PM
Entry Fee: Rs.25 for Indians & Rs. 200 for Foreigners

5. Jal Mahal (Water Palace)

In the 18th century, the palace was constructed for duck hunting lodge by
the Maharaja and appears to be floating on the still waters of Lake The palace can be viewed from the banks of the lake so take 20 minutes to
enjoy the view.

Duration of visit: 20 – 30 Mins
Timings: 9 AM to 5 PM
Entry Fee: Rs. 50 for person

Check out more such blogs at :travel blogs

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Unveiling some facts about Sigiriya 0

Sigiriya, the UNESCO world heritage site is among the top historic glamor of Sri Lanka. Sigiriya means Lion Rock, literally a carved lion into it. The rock in itself is an archaeological treasure with an ancient kingdom mounted on it. Until the 14th century, this so old rock place was used as a monastery of Buddhist

To let you learn more about Sigiriya, we have crafted 10 ancient facts about this most popular sight

The citadel on top of the site was built by King Kashyap, who ruled from 477 to 495 CE. In order to save himself from attacks by his own brother Moggallana, he chose this place of residence. From a top, one can witness the views of the surrounding area.

The first ever archaeological work of this site was started back in the 1890s.

•    King Kashyap has lived a controversial life as he was born in a non-royal family where he had no right to the throne but still got the royal fame. He fought against his king father Dhatusena, captivated him and had him killed.

•    Before King Kasyapa used Sigiriya as his residence, the kingdom was used as a Buddhist monastery. After the death of the Kasyapa, the place was once again used as a monastery until the 14th century.

•    UNESCO cited Sigiriya as the best example of ancient urban planning in the year 1982.

•    To feel pride, King Sigiriya crafted a mirror wall,  polished in a way so that he could see his reflection whenever he walked by. Evidence also suggested another wall, 140 meters long, and 40 meters high, only covered with the paintings of ladies. The wall graffiti still leaves astonishing thoughts on the mind.

•    On a level up the rock, Kasyapa decided to build a getaway shaped as a lion with a staircase coming from the lion’s mouth itself. This is the reason it is also called Lion Rock by him.

•    The ancient monument attributes a number of water-retaining constructions, sophisticated surfaces and hydraulic systems which are still working today.

•    Some scholars- Lal Srinivas, and  Mirando Obesekara, also believe that Sigiriya and the City of the Gods were monumented 50 centuries before by King Kubera.

•    As per some of the famous mythological manuscripts, the architect of the rock was Maya Danava. In Hindu culture, Maya was a king of the Asura, Daitya, and Raksasa deities. Maya was so famous architect that Mayasabha in Mahabharatha was named after him.

•    The ancient rock fortress is pinned in the Matale district near Dambulla. The place holds remnants of a destroyed palace, variations of gardens, ponds, canals, fountains, and alleys.

  • Researchers have also got validation of rock shelters, caves around the rocks inhabited by monks in the early BC.

When you decide to visit Sri Lanka off chance, do not skip to explore this great ancient site which has ongoing conflicts still going on about its history. Here, in this blog, we have tried to unveil some of the facts that may help you. 

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Hill Stations to Escape the Summer Heat 0

Tourist with Suitcase Baggage Put

There are some breath-taking places which are known for their awe-inspiring pulchritude and divine surroundings. From the perennial river to lush green verdant, these places are enriched with such endowments which have become the center of attraction for many. Travelers from all around the globe converging into these places to let their travel lust slaked. Apart from that, such places have also become the epicenter for love birds come here to mark their love stay eternal. As the popularity of such avenues growing exorbitantly, here is the complete list of it.


As this destination offers pristine beaches, scenic views, and warm climate, Goa houses some of the breath-taking places. Popularly regarded as the land of sun, sand, and sea, everything sync well for making it the tourists wonderland. Not a day passes by when you would find empty beaches or people slacking off on the beach. There must be something going on. Be it enjoying the sun-bathed beach or seating next to the bone fire under the canopy of twinkling stars, you will have your money’s worth upon arriving here. Moreover, there some historical monuments to take notice of.  Bom Jesus Basilica, Se Cathedral, Chapel of St. Catherine are some of the places you would love to add in your bucket list while visiting here.

Kullu Manali, Himachal Pradesh-

Hill station settled along with the river Beas, Manali is one of the best tourist destinations to experience. A place is renowned for its snow-capped mountains, scenic view, history, and culture. Often referred to as the “Valley of the Gods”, as you get to explore many historical temples. If you love trekking, then this hill station is the perfect place to visit as you get to do many different treks. The place remains crowded throughout the year as tourists can experience many adventure activities like river rafting, snow activities, paragliding etc.

Nainital, Uttarakhand-

A small town in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand also known as the “Lake District of India”. One of the most popular honeymoon destinations in India, Nainital provides many opportunities for fun and exploration including parasailing, horse riding, rock climbing, canoeing etc. The most popular tourist spots are the Naini Lake, Tiffin Top, Snow View, and Naini Peak. The market always remains crowded and streets lead to beautiful forest patches. A hill station for which tourist love to experience again and again.

Darjeeling, West Bengal-

The place is famous for lush tea gardens, a great place to walk around and explore the tea estates, villages, and market. Darjeeling is blessed with a stunning view of Mount Kanchenjunga, the third highest peak in the world. Some of the main attraction includes historic toy train, botanical garden, zoo, monasteries, and Darjeeling Rangeet Valley Passenger Ropeway.

Shillong, Meghalaya-

Popularly known as “Scotland of the East”, the capital city Meghalaya. The best time to explore this place is during monsoon as the city brings in a new life and the surrounding landscapes are captivating. Spend quality time at the Shillong peak and gaze at the green hills, have a picnic with your family near Elephant Falls, or go boating at the Umiam Lake. For adventure, go for water sports like water skiing at any stunning lake.

Sri Nagar, Kashmir-

The summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir often referred to as the “Land of Lakes and Gardens” attracts tourist because of its lovely lakes and relaxing houseboats. Many of the gardens there were created by Mughal emperors, so the gardens have a distinctly Mughal influence also, Asia’s largest tulip garden is in here. If you love playing golf, then this place is perfect for you as there are several courses in Srinagar.


Embedded in the heart of Uttarakhand, Nainital is the most sought-after destination for travelers. From snow-clad mountains to perennial rivers flowing alongside and the greenery, everything is magical about this place.

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Top 10 Places to visit in Kullu Manali 0

travel blog manali

Nestled at almost sky-touching elevation, Kullu Manali is the home of some of the picturesque places. And no need to mention the bone-chilling climate in the winter and soothing atmosphere in summer. Almost every day this place remains packed due to such uniqueness. Moreover, this place has become the breeding ground for honeymooners and backers as well. Hence, it earned the title of being the honeymoon capital of India. If you are not sure why this place is garnering such popularity, below are some of the places you need to take a tour of upon arriving Kullu Manali.

#1 Rohtang Pass:

Located in the picturesque location between the rivers of Beas and Chenab, it is enriched with numerous valleys and variously hidden waterfalls. From perennial rivers to cobbled-stone paths, such perilous routes are contributing to the beauty of this place. Besides this, during the month of winter, the Rohtang valley flourishes with lush green verdant. As the soothing climate of this place becoming popular among the tourists, the trend seems to have caught the second wind.

#2 Solang Valley:

Renowned for being the ski resort of Himachal Pradesh, this side valley sits comfortably at the top of the Greater Himalayas. Besides this, Solang Valley is also famous for adventure sports including Paragliding, Zorbing, Parachuting, Horse riding and more.  And the recent addition of Ski Himalaya Ropeways has rendered the visitors with the opportunity to see such a magnificent view without any hassle.

#3 Hadimba Temple:

Locally known as Dhungiri Temple, this ancient temple is dedicated to “Hidimbi Devi”, the wife of  Bhima, a mythical character from epic the Mahabharata. This temple is surrounded by a cedar forest colloquially known as Dhungiri Van Vihar nested at the foothills of the mighty Himalayas. Today, this place hosts the agglomeration of devotees who converge here to get their prayers heard. 

#4 Vaishist Hot Water Springs:

Dedicated to Rishi Vaishist, the guru of Lord Ram. This is one of the major tourist attractions in Manali. Around its premise, there exist a hot water spring. It is said, the water of this hot spring has some medicinal values that it capable enough curing many skin diseases. And it won’t be inappropriate to say that many tourists turn to this place just to take a dip in the holy water and get rid of all the diseases.

#5 Tibetan Monasteries:

Visiting Himachal Pradesh? There is a wide array of Tibetan Monasteries that have been luring visitors since time immemorial. From Tabo monasteries to Guru Ghantal Monastery, upon arriving this place, you will definitely immerse in the divinity of the godly affairs.

#6 Great Himalaya National Park:    

Situated in the lap of nature and there is no space for the preservation and conservation of its most vital components. Not feasible, right! This national park is the home to many endangered species and making it the epicenter of wildlife lovers as well. 

#7 Gulaba:

Never miss your opportunity to visit this wonderland. This place gives the visitors an illusion of white sheet engulfing the entire terrain. Moreover, the embroidery of pine trees and the imposing snow-capped mountains also becoming the reasons for touring this place.    

#8 Kothi:

Located in the foothills of Rohtang Pass, Kothi is an awe-inspiring destination offers a stunning view of snow laden mountains and glaciers. This majestic location is an ideal place for trekking and sightseeing the Rohtang Valley. And most importantly the pulchritude of this place is so inspiring that it hosted many Bollywood films at this place.

#9 Kasol:

A small hamlet, Kasol is situated in Parvati Valley on the banks of the Parvati river. Known for a strong Jewish heritage and the Himalayan hotspot for backpackers, it has earned the distinct name Mini-Israel of India. Apart from that, Kasol is also known as “Little Amsterdam”  because of the large inhabitance of hippies around this place.

#10 Jogini Water Falls:

A short hike through the hill behind Vaishist, there comes Jogini Water Falls. This picturesque and impressive waterfall itself is quite breathtaking. Besides this, the chilling water and stunning scene would leave you in your awes.

The famous Places of world, we have got it all covered in our blogs. Visit to know more!

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Top Places That Make Ooty a Nature’s Paradise 0

Niligiri Mountain Railway

Embellishing the southern region of India, Ooty lies close to the Nilgiris, with perpetually home pleasant weather all around the year. The plush inexperienced sites and the serene surroundings create an additional charm to the explicit beauty of Ooty. Also called Udhagamandalam, this heavenly place incorporates a ton to endeavor. From relishing arresting backdrops to expect pleasure in eucalyptus trees, from birth down on abundant landscapes to wiggling with water at pristine lakes, from relieving your ears with the din of waterfalls to comforting your taste buds with handmade chocolates, all happens in Ooty. Take note of these effective holidaymaker places in Ooty and enjoy to the core.

# Honey & Bee Museum

Get a bit closer to honey bees and know everything regarding them at the Honey & Bee Museum. However, the center aims at two special interests which are Education and Entertainment. The entire museum showcases the procedure how the bees are nurtured by the tribal and how the traditional ways are made in use for harvesting bees around the state.

# Botanical Garden

Listed amongst one of the best places to visit in Ooty, botanical garden is nothing less than a treat to nature lovers. Placed on the slopes of Doddabetta Peak, the panorama of the precinct is quite enchanting and, hosts numbers of visitors every day. With a variety of sorts of trees, herbs, and plants, the botanical garden is home to both extrinsic and some native varieties. The naturalistic joy of the enclosure adds aesthetic appeal to the picturesque surroundings thus making the view even more pleasing.

# Pykara Falls and Pykara Lake

Positioned between the connecting highway of Mysore and Ooty, Pykara Lake is the haven to birds of different sorts. The lake lets you enjoy free rounds of boating and try distinguished trails surrounding the place. Created from the Pykara river, Pykara falls is the only place where countless South movies have been shot. In case you are planning a family getaway, this point is the best one to go for around the Ooty.

# Doddabetta Peak

Considered as one of the highest mountains in Tamil Nadu, Doddabetta Peak encircles around some of the heart throbbing views. The verdurous forest around the Doddabetta is accompanied by a variety of trees and a number of wild animals. However, this region never fails to impress the visitors with its best.

# Ooty Golf Course

This spot is another point of attraction for the visitors coming by, especially the golf lover. Positioned on the Wenlock Downs, the golf course has all the well-equipped international class amenities along with 18 holes in the field. Also, the golf course area is adorned by a number of resorts so, you experience a comfortable stay. Don’t forget to miss out on the places while you are on your holiday & vacation tour to Ooty.

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