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Germany is a Western European country with a capital Berlin. It is divided into 16 federal states with its capitals. The country is quite big as it has 357,376 km2 of land and also the most population in EU. It is one of the global industrial leaders that produce a lot of products and materials.

Germany is interesting to see as it has a rich history also because of World War II. I should mention Bavaria, Munich which is known for brewing beer and technology. Many towns are connected with Bach, Brahms, Beethoven, Goethe and other important artists of our culture. Germany is also known for quality cars such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, and Trabant. What about their camping offer?

Germany’s Best Places for Camping

I invite you to book your next vacation and go to Germany as you will be able to see a rich history, culture and lots of beautiful landscapes with forests, rivers, and mountains. They are also connected to the see on the north so go ahead and get to know their camping places that tourists love to see.

KNAUS Campingpark Burhave

The camp KNAUS Campingpark Burhave can be found on the north, on the German Wadden Sea and next to the Lower Saxony mud flat National Park which is under UNESCO protection. If you are happy to camp over the water and on the beach, this camp should be the right choice. They have 360 camping pitch plots and are open from the middle of April to the middle of October. Pets are welcome.

You will be able to enjoy in the sea lake that was formed and have a safe swim with your children and play and sunbath on the sandy beach. For all of you who are party lovers, they held beach parties and have an open-air cinema for you to see some good movies. Besides swimming, you can take a hike, cycle or horse ride. Visit this family-friendly camp and you will see the German nautical museum and Moormuseum Emsland as well.

Campingplatz Freizeitwelt Güster

This campsite is in Schwerin which is the capital of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. It is another 4-star rated camp that provides nice surroundings with sports activities and also a quiet environment to relax. Germany has a lot of sights that are under UNESCO protection and in this camp you will be able to see a nearby UNESCO biosphere reserves Schaalsee and Elbe-Flusslandschaften.

Campingplatz Freizeitwelt Güster is situated at the Prüßsee Lake in the park Lauenburgische Seen. They are opened all year and have 380 pitch plots. Swimming, sunbathing, walking, sightseeing, cycling, canoeing, and kayaking are the most popular activities to do here. Children can play in the playground and enjoy on the sun. This is a nice family resort for spending quality time with your family members.

Südsee-Camp G. & P. Thiele OHG

Südsee-Camp is a well-visited camp with 5 stars that has plenty of options for having a great holiday. They are open through all year and have 1508 pitch places so I think you will find your perfect spot. You can camp here with a tent, caravan or with a motorhome but you can also rent a chalet, a Swedish cottage or a caravan.

The camp has a lake, a swimming pool and lots of beautiful nature that you can explore with friends and family. You won’t be bored as they organize activity programs, parties and other kinds of entertainment.

They have a creative studio where kids can make their art pieces. At evenings you can see a show or listen to the music. The management of the camp thought of all since they also have activities for different age groups and this is something that is worth mentioning and deserves praise.

Alfsee Ferien – und Erlebnispark

Alfsee camp has 220 hectares of land with 750 pitch plots available for campers. This camp received a lot of rewards from organizations, among which is also Eco camping award.  The camp is opened all year long and welcomes campers with caravans, campervans, and tents. You should feel like at home as they have plenty of modern facilities to use.

What accommodation suits your needs? If you like you can stay in one of their bungalow or in the Hotel Piazza which is a nice hotel with 46 rooms. The camp has a lot of greenery, from trees to bushes. If you like to be surrounded by pure nature this place is right for you. It is a great place for all age groups, you can swim, waterski, see Germanic Adventure World tour, the kart center, Bullermeck Indoor Funcenter, and children’s car land. They really make an effort to please their guests so welcome to Alfsee.

Campingpark Münsterland Eichenhof

This is another 5-star German camp that can be found in the region Münsterland with lots of castles and manors. They are open through all year and welcome you with the 290 pitch places.

Many German camps lie along the lake and this camp is not an exception. The camp has a natural swimming lake of 4500 mfor you to enjoy. There is plenty to do there as you can fish, swim, take a ride with a boat, surf, hike or ride with a bicycle.

If you don’t have a place to stay in, they offer you several caravans and mobiles homes that can accommodate four people. They opened a Nordic walking park with paths of 12.2 km long. Be active and play golf, tennis, horse ride or relax.

All you animal lovers can see Zoo Osnabrück, Münster Zoo, Safari Park Stukenbrock and much more. It is recommended for you to see City Sassenberg, Asparagus village Füchtorf, Spa towns of Bad Laer & Bad Rothenfelde and other sights for a nice walk with a historical hint.

Camp in the Country of Lakes

Do you know what German camps have in common? Maybe you figure it out yet but if you didn’t, here is an answer. My favorite camping places in Germany have lakes where you can spend time swimming, surfing, canoeing, ride with a boat and so on.

Which is a camping place that you like the most of my camp picks? All of these camps are appropriate for families with children, couples or for solo campers. Germany is worth visiting also because of their rich history and culture that shows in their cities and museums all over the country. Welcome to Germany, the land of beautiful outdoors and clean lakes.

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