Adventurous Tour of Nepal: An Unusual Experience


Nepal is known for its charming mountainous regions and unique trekking trails. It offers more with its jungle landscapes, medieval cities, and sacred sites. The place caters to the need of every type of traveler, whether you want to do some hardcore trekking or need to enjoy a few adrenaline-pumping activities. Backpackers often flock to the destination for the Himalayas, to relish the pristine mountain views, and to conquer the monster mountain known as Everest. All the thrilling fun is what makes Nepal a Disneyland for adventurers. The history of adventure tourism in Nepal starts from the early attempts to mount the world’s highest peak Mt. Everest. The impact of adventure tourism in Nepal brings many positive impacts on the economy, indigenous populations, tourism industry, and conservation development. Here are some of the activities that one can enjoy in Nepal to make their trip thrilling:


Trekking is the most famous sport among visitors. The natural diversity and tranquility with a range of exotic culture make Nepal an ideal place for trekking. The Himalayas of Nepal provides an opportunity to observe the culture and relish the beauty of nature. Trekking in the villages of Nepal, get you to witness the traditions and welcome of the ethnic people. One can walk past lush green pastures, terraced fields, thick forests and go close to some of the rare and unique wildlife.

Jungle Safari:

One can see Nepal’s rare varieties of animals and birds during the tour. It also allows a venture into the lush green forest on an Elephant’s back in the Terai region crossing rivers and swamps. It gives an opportunity to explore Flora and Fauna of Nepal as well as encounter rare animals and birds so better stay prepared for a royal treat because Royal Bengal tiger may surprise you by their majestic appearance. Moreover, witnessing the animals in the wild as the area is not restricted by the bars of the zoo is an exciting and wild experience.

White River Rafting:

Sweeping away by the wild white waters of a fast-moving river gives an unexceptional feeling. Nepal is the magnificent place where one can enjoy White water rafting on Himalayan River. Rafting is inarguably the perfect way of exploring Nepal, as it takes you through villages, gulches, virgin forests, and wildlife.

The adrenaline rushes that river rafting gives you is something that words can’t explain. The feeling evoked when you raft in the thrilling rivers of Nepal. The river water ensures you a breathtaking experience as you can enjoy small dips in the cool rivers.

Mountain Biking:

It is the fastest growing adventurous sport in Nepal. It provides an opportunity to explore the ancient trails of the country. The variation of rugged and smooth roads ensures an interesting mountain biking experience. The travelers who want to take their physical limits up a notch can try mountain biking in Nepal. Mountain biking is a much satisfying activity by blending natural beauty with culture. By testing your physical and mental limits gives you a tiring yet refreshing adventure.

Bungee Jump:

The sport might not be an adventure exclusive to Nepal but, bungee jump in Nepal is like no other. One gets to enjoy the peace and solitude amidst the natural beauty. The jump is one of the most exhilarating experience for a few minutes. One moment you will stand at the edge of a bridge above one of the deepest gorges of the Bhote Koshi River and the next you experience the longest free-fall of your life. There is no need to panic as the jump includes the friendly instructors, safety equipment and procedures. Although you get a nerve-wracking experience and, it is safe.

Waterfall Ice Climbing:

The Himalayas of Nepal is a mountainous playground for trekking enthusiasts, mountaineers and of course ice-climbers. If you want to push yourself to the limit by battling extreme altitudes and, taking the toughest icefalls and jagged peaks, then waterfall ice climbing will give you an exhilarating experience. It has become increasingly famous in the destination. It will not only allow you to take the challenge to climb incredible frozen water, but the amazing landscapes you get to see on your mounting are completely unique in Nepal.

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