A Guide to Destinations Tourists Include in South India Tours

Every region in India holds unique cultural significance and narrates different tales in its distinctive style and manifests a beholding experience. The best part about traveling to South India is that you witness distinct cultures in each state. The architecture, the vegetation, the wildlife, and the traditions that each state practices attract tourists in manifolds.

There are several destinations that awestruck tourists. Including some of them in your South India tour packages can make your tour successful:

# Hampi, Karnataka:

Once the capital of the empire of Vijayanagar, Hampi is India’s ancient town. The historic remains intermingled with large boulders that cover the landscape are captivating and intriguing. These ruins are spread over 25 kilometers and comprise more than 500 monuments. People can easily visit this site from Goa.

#Backwaters, Kerala:

You can cruise through the palm-fringed canals called backwaters while you are served authentic South Indian delicacies onboard. Spending a night on the boat in the middle of water is a blissful experience.

#Fort Kochi, Kerala:

This site is also known as Gateway to Kerala. This city has a great historical significance. The Arabs, British, Dutch, Chinese and Portuguese have contributed to the city’s culture and architecture. Explore the architecture and culture of the city on foot. You can also enjoy Kathakali performance or get an Ayurvedic treatment.

#Madurai, Tamil Nadu:

The ancient town of Madurai is popular for the religious site of Meenakshi Temple. The city of Madurai is more than 4000 years old and holds a significant place in Tamil culture and studies. The town attracts tourists during the twelve-day festival of Chithirai. This festival signifies the celestial wedding of the temple deity Meenakshi (an incarnation of Goddess Paravati) to Sundareshwara (a manifestation of Lord Shiva). Their marriage is re-enacted with great pomp and show.

# Puducherry:

One of the Indian Union Territories, Puducherry is a former French Colony located on the east coast of Tamil Nadu. Its architecture and culture are influenced by French. You can stroll through the French Quarter and along the Promenade and experience the peace. There are several restaurants that offer savoring delicacies. Shri Aurobindo Ashram attracts people seeking spirituality.

# Mahabalipuram:

It is a beach town that is an hour away from Chennai. It is popular for its traditional stone sculpture industry. There are several tourist attractions such as the Shore Temple, sculptures of Five Rathas, and Arjuna’s Penance.

# Mysore, Karnataka:

Mysore has an astounding royal heritage, Mysore Palace which is a major tourist attraction. The city has several interesting buildings, palaces, and temples one can visit. The city is home to one of the major zoological parks in India. One can also shop for sandalwood in Mysore.

#Coorg, Karnataka:

It is a spell-bounding hill station in Southern Karnataka. Not far from Bengaluru and Mangalore, Coorg is popular for its coffee estates. These are some of the most popular destinations in South India that will compel you to plan more South India Tours

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