9 Types of Traveler That People Are

Are you among those types of traveler who believes that they have done everything before or still an explorer? Here are ten types of traveler, know who your type:

  • The conventionalist

Least interested in traveling and yet they do. The conventionalist travels not for himself but to seek social acceptance. Their agenda is not to choose a destination that gratifies them but what approves the social spectrum. If you are wondering that whether these kinds of traveler exists then let me tell you-yes they do!

  • The tech –Savvy travelers

Some trippers explore new places just to satisfy their quench in taking photos with HDR camera or using travel gadgets. It’s not that they like a particular destination as their idea to traveling is to extract out the beauty of nature.

  • The thrillers

The thrillers are the ones who are fond of exploring different thrilling and destinations while preferring independent traveling at low cost. They mostly are onto vacay to nature’s paradise or remote locations with only a travel backpack in their journey that can fill their soul with elation.

  • The party animals

This category of travelers likes to travel just for fun and parties. Even when traveling to a distant location, they traverse nothing else but bars and clubs to chill out. This is why, Goa, Las Vegas, Amsterdam, and Ibiza are some of the most preferred locations of the party-animals as they are popped up with clubs at every street.

  • The fashionista

Fashion lover at heart who travels the places in seek of new trends in the fashion world. Paris, France, Spain, and Milan are some of the most famous destinations that fashionista loves to dig out. These places hook up the hubs that attract professionals and experts from the bewitching fashion world.

  • The feeble one

The confused ones who always ask for the best destination and places to look for during their visit to a particular place! They do not have any favorite places nor they Google much to learn what is in the town.

  • The soul-explorer

Some souls like to travel the world in order to find themselves and nature around to scout their soul-purpose. These searchers like to travel alone at the spots that leave their soul with peacefulness and contentment. Their favorite spots usually include mountains, cliffs, unending roads, and green nature.

  • The RV travelers

The dearest destination of RV travelers is anywhere on the long roads, islands, National parks, rivers, and anything of that kind. RVing is another type of traveling vacay to spend some quality time with your loved ones.

  • The Groupies

This breed of travelers love and travel places in groups and relish sightseeing in groups. The group is usually their friends, family, or loved ones. These types of travelers make the most out of their vacay. The ideal purpose is to gather memories, take pictures together, and enjoy with their group. Did you find which type of traveler are you or are you someone totally out of the box? Do comment!

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