5 Offbeat Treks to Challenge the Beast Trekker Inside You

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Manali has always been in the highlights when there was anything related to adventure. Even till today, this place gathers most of the attention of the trekkers coming to quench the thirst of adventure. The place still manages to be one of the best adventure expedition spots around India and, is the heart of trekkers. The extraordinary beauty and colonial villages are the motives why the place confronts thousands of sightseers every year.

Other than the scenic beauty and enchanting ambiance, the city has much more to offer. It hardly matters if you are an adventure fan or nature fanatic, Manali will never let you down. Come across some of the heart-wrenching panoramas along with the water surging down the canyons and depose what heaven looks like. For people seeking to calm their adventure thirst down, here are some great offbeat treks mentioned below:

#1 Hamya Herbal Trek

Commence your crusade to obtain the best Himalayan herbs at Hamya herbal trek. Settled at an elevation of 14,000 feet, this trek opens up an explicit beauty and is address to all the nature enthusiasts. Heading towards Manali and ending it at Pandu Ropa, this trek allows you to explore and expansive range of the Himalayan terrain.

#2 Lama Dugh Trek

One of the easiest and unexplored treks of Manali, Lama Dugh is positioned at an altitude of 9,900 ft. A walk down the lush green beauty surrounded by the thick alpine rush is sure to soothe your soul and pour happiness deep down inside your heart. Head towards the Dhungri region and don’t skip on carrying adequate water and necessary equipment throughout your trek.

#3 Deo Tibba Trek

Set at an altitude of 14,700 ft, the Deo Tibba Trek is no less than an Elysium to photographers. The phenomenal beauty of the place is set to cover 6 days along with an assortment of countless enthralling points and extended panorama backdrops. Adding this trek route on your favorite list is undoubtedly a must-to-do thing whenever you are in Manali.

#4 Jogini Waterfalls Trek

How can we skip on to Jogini Waterfalls when it’s about the most fabulous and offbeat treks in Manali? At time Jogini Waterfalls is misunderstood by the spot offering a lively place to enjoy the waterfall but, not many know that the place holds an incredible journey ahead of the falls. The entire trek tends to challenge you at every step and is treat to adventure junkies. Other than satisfying your adrenaline rush this trek opens a whole new world in front of your eyes.

#5 Hampta Pass Trek

However, you will find plenty of places surrounded by the explicit beauty of nature, Hampta Pass is exceptional. With an altitude of 10,000 ft, the Hampta Pass unwraps a glazing sight of mountains standing tall and touching the sky. Once you start the trek, you are expected to have some most delightful sights of both Lahaul and Kullu valleys in your lifetime.

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