5 adventure Tours you should not miss in 2019


If you are anxious about what places, mountains, treks to visit in 2019, then pack your bags peep. Here we are providing you with the greatest travel experience to add to your bucket list.

# Arizona’s Upper Antelope Canyon

When it comes to adventure, it must be something that brings the thrill out of your soul.  You will discover the magical world while walking through the sandstone walls of the Upper Antelope Canyon. This place is located on Navajo land east of Page, Arizona which means ‘the place where water runs through rocks’. You can take a Navajo tour in the bright morning and view its splendid colors and the rocks therein come alive with these beams of lights.

Place: Arizona, USA

When to visit: The best view appears in the early morning sessions, while tour guides run it seven times a day.

# Experience the actual Titanic wreck in a submarine

This can be one of the most adventurous tours you will ever have in a lifetime. Dive into 12000ft to explore the wreck of the Titanic. If you have spent your time watching Titanic in the movie then now is the time for an actual thing. Experts also say that extremophile bacteria will have completely eaten what’s left already within 15 years or so.

Place: Newfoundland in Canada

When to visit: Blue Marble Private is the only operator offering a tour at the moment. You can book your tour for 2019 with them.

# Crested Butte, Colorado

Snow-white powder in the winter, this place is the best spot for bike lovers. If you are planning to visit this mountain in the summer you will be mesmerized by the frost thaws, pink and yellow wildflowers over the slopes and the white sky above. For the beginners, there is a range of trails through the mountains while the experts can traverse on their bikes.

Place: Gunnison county, northern Colorado, USA

When to visit: Visit in summer and spring to enjoy the trek

# Activate your soul with Mount Eden

If you are a mountain lover then this inactive volcano offers you incredible views of the city. Enjoy a heart-throbbing walk to get there. According to the reports, the last volcano erupted almost 15000 years ago.  Mt Eden walk is an easy walk of 2km that will take around 1 hour to get complete. 5 km from Auckland, it is the highest volcano in Mt Eden.

Place: Middle of Auckland

# Goecha la in Himalayan ranges of India

The 3rd highest peak in the world, this place attracts thousands of trekkers across the globe. The view at almost 16000 ft will blow your mind but there are no guesthouses on the way and you will have to stay in tents while staying close to nature. The trek at Goecha la is something lose to eternity, something out of time and space.

Place: Mountain pass in Sikkim, India When to visit: The best time to visit Goechala is during autumn or summer. visit: Travel Trip Blog

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