17 Things to not to forget when travelling in a foreign land

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Do you think packing is all about throwing some clothes in your bag pack and being off to the airport? If yes, then let us correct you. Packing is too important to put off until you leave because the things you forget can cost you bucks to replace during the trip. A well-planned packing can never go in vain as you will be prepared to face every possible situation that comes in.   

Here are 10 things you cannot afford to miss during your visit to a foreign land

  1. Prescriptions: Carry enough medications for the entire stop-over so as to avoid rushing when refilling them.
  2. Phone charger: The good thing about gadgets is that you can find a replacement charger at every place but the bad thing is that it can cost you $15 or more.
  3. Sunglasses: You may not have any problem buying a pair of sunglasses in a foreign place but why pay a tourist-trap price for them.
  4. Sunscreen: Take sunscreen along with you even if it is not a beach destination.
  5. Long-sleeves shirt: Want to get a suntan? Have yourself u a pair of long sleeves shirt during the summer or you may even get goosebumps because the place has the air condition on full?
  6. Bathing suit: Most people do forget to carry a bathing suit along with them. Make sure that you don’t.
  7. Personal hygiene products: Everything from your sanitary napkins to razor to shaving kit makes up your personal hygiene. Ask your hotel if they provide complimentary toiletries.
  8. First aid kit: Pack a few bandages, antibiotic ointment and disinfectant liquid along with your first aid kit.
  9. Passport: This is the first and the foremost thing to have during your foreign trip. Prevent yourself from rushing back home by keeping it in your handbag where you can easily find it.
  10. Wine: A bottle of wine or cans of beer just to charge your vacay mode. Keep the bottle carefully so as to prevent it from breaking in your luggage.
  11. Snacks: Some eateries to carry for your babies so you don’t get overcharged at the airport.
  12. Cash:  Withdraw enough of the cash so as to avoid standing in the queue at your destination’s ATM.
  13. Umbrella: You don’t want to get caught in the rain in the forest, do you? You might not where you may find a sudden shower of a thunderstorm in a tropical area.
  14. Towels: Space-filler, but anyways you need to pack them even if your holiday accommodation provides but yea you can pack it accordingly.
  15.  Reading materials: Although the airport provides a pile of books and magazines, you can consider your favorite author or novel to be with you along the journey.
  16. Cosmetics: Unless you travel to travel to a desert it is likely that you will get your favorite brands in every corner of the world but why pay for a lipstick or a blusher that you already have in your home?

17 Camera: We know that your cell phone can take good pictures but why not DSLR? Capture those moments with high picture quality cameras instead of letting your cell phones do it for you.

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