8 Things You Should Avoid While Traveling 0

Traveling is one of those activities that rejoice your life and give a great piece of adventure. And a good traveler knows how to respect the aura of the destination. People oftentimes plan for things to do on their trip but people usually forget about what they shouldn’t do on a trip. However, you mustn’t do things that can be disrespectful to others. Therefore, here are 8 things that you should avoid from doing while traveling

Avoid Eating at Restaurants near Popular Tourist Attraction

If you want the real taste of the destination’s famous cuisine, avoid eating at restaurants near popular places because they are highly overpriced and sometimes their dishes are half the flavor of what you’ll find elsewhere Instead choose to eat someplace far from the popular tourist attraction to get the actual taste of local cuisine.

Don’t take Photograph of Others Without Permission

You should think twice before taking an unknown person’s photo. Hence, the best thing to do is ask for permission first before taking any pictures of people. It will keep you away from getting into trouble and It is also a good way to communicate with local people.

Do not Use Phone

Smartphone is necessary as you can take pictures, check the map, and can do a small research about the destination, but don’t use too often as it spoils the fun in the trip. In order to avoid that put your phone down and just experience the fun by looking around the destination, or you can consider leaving it at the place where you are staying.

Avoid Booking Too Early

This something that most of the early birds do, however, it is not entirely wrong to book your early, but waiting for the right moment or tour package can save you a lot of money. Book those packages that offer additional benefits at a reasonable price. Wait for the last minute as most of the travel agencies provide exclusive offers and deals on these packages.

Don’t Skip Travel Insurance

Traveling to far places is fun and exciting but emergencies can happen at any time. From injuries to thefts to natural disasters, anything can obstruct your tour and also adds unnecessary cost to your travel expenses. Therefore, getting travel insurance is a viable option as it will protect you from any mishappenings.

Don’t Remove Hostel from Your Accommodation List

Many people have this stereotype that hostels have smelly and unclean facilities but nowadays, hostels are actually very clean, hygienic, and well-equipped with facilities that most hotels don’t have. They aren’t just incredibly affordable, but also have numerous facilities like wifi, laundry, pools, and even rooftop gardens.

Don’t Confine Yourself on Strict Itinerary

Only engaging yourself in your travel route is not the best option, instead, try going out to promising places, like a local village, or a small town. However, do a little research or take help from the locals before visiting any offbeat places. Exploring offbeat destination can turn out to be more fascinating than traveling to a famous place.

Don’t Really on Popular Travel Sites.

It is highly recommended, don’t entirely build your opinion by just staring at the popular travel websites. Instead, expand your research and check out domains that are rising in the travel business or you can take recommendations from people who have been to that particular destination.

Effective Ways to Plan Your Family Vacation on a Budget 0

Some of the most memorable vacations are the once that are with families, and often a well-planned family vacation can save you a lot of money. Vacation with family will help you unwind the parent-child relationship and strengthen your family bonding. Planning a family vacation on a budget is hard and time-consuming, especially if you have a budget. But with a little creativity and preparation, you can easily afford a budget vacation without missing out on any of the entertainment. Here are some cool methods to plan a family vacation on a budget but before that don’t forget to book your suitable package from various family tour .

Browse for Discounted Vacation Packages

Family vacation is expensive and it takes a lot of searching to do if you have a tight budget. Look at those for a family that offer exclusive deals with additional benefits as it will save you a lot of bucks. Most of the tour agencies provide these kinds of heavy offers at the end of the season hence, you can take advantage of that.

Consider Timing for Travel

Planning your family vacation at the right time is the main key to eliminate overspending. Preparing for the vacation early is the ideal time as it keeps you away from last-minute vacation stress. Deciding the proper date for vacation helps you plan your work schedule accordingly and gives you enough for packing.

Consider Off-Season Vacation

Off-season visits to a certain destination spot is an ideal time to go on vacation with family. Some vacation spots look even more exciting, more relaxing and less expensive when fewer tourists are around. In the off-season, most resorts and hotel prices are down, and you will get to enjoy amazing activities at less cost.

Cut Down Extra Expenses

Sometimes, cutting some extra expenses will reduce your vacation budget. For instance, staying at a hotel that provides complimentary breakfast will reduce the cost of having one meal per day. Try taking items like toys, books, and games, this will not only trim costs but it also keeps your family members engaged through the travel journey.

Take Public Transport

Consider taking public transportation to connect yourself with local life and it will give your family the experience of that destination. Some big cities even provide travel passes that can even be more affordable to travel around.

Take Vacation Homes rather than Hotels

Vacation homes are much more affordable especially if you are traveling with the big family. They are much cheaper than hotels, they provide more space, and most of them consist of kitchens. Renting a home will save you money on daily hotel meals as you can just cook them in vacation homes.

Be Adaptable with Your Destination

Never seek your eyes on one destination, instead, make a list of places that you want to visit and pick one of them by taking advice from the family members. This will give you enough time to select the perfect tourist spot for your family vacation.

Get a Travel Saving Account

Getting a savings account specifically for traveling is an ideal option as it will only contain your travel expenses so wouldn’t spending that money on something else. You can save your money in that savings account for future vacation trips.

Find Available Tucson, Arizona Luxury Vacation Home Rentals 0

Are you planning to come to Tucson? Some families or individuals plan to stay in the area for several months, yet not permanently. Thats makes Tucson, AZ luxury vacation home rentals the best option while here. There are many locations throughout the Tucson area, so you are sure to find one in the location that is right for you and in a size that suits your lifestyle.

Available options include:

Guest House (1 bedroom/ 1 bathroom)

Casita (2 bedroom/ 1 bathroom)

Casa Grande (2 bedroom/ 2 bathroom)

Hacienda (3 bedroom/ 2 bathroom)

That is not where your options end. There are fourteen different home sites, each strategically located near a part of town that may interest you.

Dove Mountain Casitas. This Northwest location is perfect if you desire hiking and biking trails at your doorstep, a beautiful neighborhood park with tennis courts, a basketball court, fields, barbeques and more. There is also two resort-style pools with lagoon and water chaise lounge chairs.

Cortaro Farms. This Northwest location has Guest Houses available for individual or couples that want to stay in Tucson.

Tucson National Rental Homes. Also Located off Cortaro Farms Road, this neighborhood has three homes sizes you choose from- Guest House, Hacienda, and Casa Grande B.

Ranch House Lodge. Built in the 1940’s, this is sequestered in the quiet enclave of the exclusive Old Catalina Foothills and perched on a hilltop with 360 views of the Tucson Valley and surrounding Mountain Ranges.

Sabino Canyon. This is the most Northeast of the options and features Hacienda homes.

Park. This site features Casa Grande B homes and is just minutes from dining, shopping, and more.

Mountain. These Casa Grande homes are located in the unique Richland Heights Neighborhood.

Hedrick. These Casita homes are close to University Medical Center
and to University of Arizona’s campus.

Presidio. Featuring Casa Grande B homes, this is near the historic Winterhaven neighborhood.

Blacklidge. This Casita homes are also near Winterhaven, as well as Santa Catalina Mountains hiking.

Bermuda. In a centrally located, quiet neighborhood, these Casa Grande B homes all offer mature landscaping and covered parking.

Lee. Why rent an apartment or stay in a hotel when you can get a 1800-square-feet, four bedrooms and two full baths home with a Spanish style roof?

Tanque Verde. Located in the heart of the Tanque Verde Valley, there are three home choices to choose from here.

La Mariposa Casita. As the most Southern rental home spot, this neighborhood is surrounded by Santa Rita Mountains to the South, the Rincon Mountains to the East, and the Santa Catalina Mountains to the North.
These free standing homes need to be seen to be believed. Once you realize in a Tucson, Arizona luxury vacation home rentals you can have your own private, gated backyard and a Jacuzzi Spa master bath suite, you’ll never go back to staying a hotel again!

5 Things to do in Tucson 0

If you haven’t yet been to Tucson, you are seriously missing out! It is quickly becoming one of the popular spots in the West. If you are considering coming here, you most certainly should. There is so much to take in while in town! You can:

#1 Eat Amazing Food.

Tucson, Arizona is a mix of several cultures and the delicious cuisine represents this. This is some of the best food on the planet, and it isn’t all the same. Some of the area’s best Mexican, Italian, Chinese, steakhouses, seafood, Thai, barbeque, and wineries are all located in Tucson.

#2 Explore Natural Splendor.

You won’t see scenery like this in the big city! From the Santa Catalina Mountains to the Coronado National Forest, Tucson looks like no other place on Earth. You can hike, bike ride, stroll, jog, or even go for a car ride for miles and enjoy what you are looking at the entire time. 

#3 Visit Historical Landmarks.

There are truly amazing buildings, statues, artwork, and other man-made creations all around Tucson thanks to this area being populated for thousands of year. The oldest European structure in Arizona, Mission San Xavier del Bac which was built in the late 1700’s, is here as well as many Native American settlements as well. 

#4 Go to School.

Tucson isn’t just for tourists; many people go to school here as well. University of Arizona is one of the top colleges in the nation, so if you ever have a chance to take even a few classes here for a semester, you should. You may just decide to stay and finish your degree here.

#5 Stay in a Tucson, AZ Vacation Rental House.

You don’t want to live out of a suitcase and eat three meals a day at restaurants. While you may be stuck in a cramped hotel in some other large cities, you won’t when you are here. There are Tucson, AZ vacation rental houses that will make you feel like you are right at home during your entire stay! These Tucson vacation rental houses have a full kitchen, large closets, a private yard or balcony, a place to walk your dog, granite counter tops, and even Jacuzzi tubs.

You don’t want to be inconvenienced by your “home” if you are staying in the area for a few months. This will get very frustrating very quickly. You will find whatever amenities and space you need in one of the best vacation rental houses in Tucson, AZ. If you are coming to the area and planning on staying a little while, but not permanently, this is the best option.

4 Benefits of House Rentals in Tucson AZ over an Apartment 0

There are many reasons to rent rather than buy. It is less stress, less money up front, and you have the flexibility to move if you need to. If you sit and think about it, you can probably come up with even more reasons that purchasing a house right now is not a good fit for your life. If you’re about to move to Tucson, don’t tie yourself into homeownership if you aren’t ready. That doesn’t mean you have to cram yourself into an apartment, though. There are house rentals in Tucson, AZ that allow you all of these benefits, and none of the downsides of apartment living. Here are just a few:

#1 It is within your budget.

These rental houses can be surprisingly affordable. Many people find that they can rent an amazing house for the same price as an apartment, and for significantly less than what it would cost for a down payment, mortgage, and regular upkeep of owning a home.

#2 You can enjoy a full kitchen.

Being in a rental house means you can stock the kitchen with food, cook on modern appliances, and enjoy an island. You will have all the space you need to create a great meal! Granite counter tops and birch cabinets make it beautiful as well as functional.

#3 Your friends can come over.

You won’t find this kind of space in most apartments. Invite over your whole group of friends to eat a meal you cooked in your full kitchen, watch a movie in your spacious living room, or even sit outside in your private, walled yard. 

#4 Access to private laundry facilities.

These rental houses are equipped with washers and dryers, which many apartments are not. When it’s easy to do laundry, you won’t stress nearly as much about a wine spill or mud stain.

#5 It is Pet Friendly.

A pet-friendly rental home will mean your furry friend loves it as much as you do! A nice backyard and access to walking trails are a necessity for dog owners, and typically found with houses instead of apartments.

When you own a home, pouring money into remodeling projects is somewhat of a necessity, even though you are not likely to recoup that money when you sell. As a renter, the money can then be spent elsewhere, like on new furniture or even a vacation. House rentals in Tucson, AZ allow this kind of lifestyle for you!

6 Reasons to Visit Tucson 0

The most popular place to visit in the West may just surprise you. It isn’t Seattle; it isn’t even California. It is Tucson, Arizona! Many people from all over the country, and even outside of the U.S., are coming to Tucson for a few months at a time to enjoy the area, work on a temporary basis, go to school, and more. If you are considering coming here, you certainly should. Here are just a few things you will enjoy while in town:

#1 Some of the World’s Best Scenery.

From the Santa Catalina Mountains to the Coronado National Forest, Tucson looks like no other place on Earth. You can hike, bike ride, stroll, jog, or even go for a car ride for miles and enjoy what you are looking at the entire time. You certainly won’t see natural splendor like this in Chicago or Atlanta!

#2 Historical Landmarks.

People have lived in Arizona for thousands of years, and so there are truly amazing buildings, statues, artwork, and other man-made creations all around the area. This includes the oldest European structure in Arizona, Mission San Xavier del Bac, which was built in the late 1700’s.

#3 Pima Air and Space Museum.

The 127-acre campus contains over 300 aircraft housed inside hangars, while the adjacent 2,600-acre Boneyard holds 4,400 retired planes, helicopters, and other flying machines. This makes it the largest aircraft storage facility in the world. You won’t see something like this anywhere else!

#4 University of Arizona.

Tucson isn’t just for tourists; many people go to school here as well. It is one of the top colleges in the nation, so if you ever have a chance to take even a few classes here for a semester, you should!

#5 Many Great Dining Options.

Tucson, Arizona is a mix of several cultures and the delicious cuisine represents this. From a breakfast taco to expertly-aged steak to locally-grown wine, this is some of the best food on the planet.

#6 Vacation Rental Homes in Tucson, Arizona.

While you may be stuck in a cramped hotel in NYC or not find a place at all in LA, there are vacation rental homes in Tucson, Arizona that will make you feel like you are right at home during your entire stay. You don’t want to be inconvenienced and put out by your “home” if you are staying in the area for a few months. This will get very frustrating very quickly. That is why these homes have a full kitchen, large closets, private yard or balcony, and even Jacuzzi tubs.

You can’t ask for anything in a house that you won’t find in a top-notch vacation rental home in Tucson, Arizona. If you are coming to the area and planning on staying a little while, but not permanently, this is the best option so you aren’t living out of a suitcase and eating three meals a day at restaurants.

Kashmir Honeymoon Tour Packages: 6 Offbeat Places You Will Love 0

The snow-capped mountains and the lush green valleys are what make Kashmir an ideal spot for the honeymoon. The glacial peaks, quivering meadows, boisterous rivers, and vivid flowers protruding up makes the surrounding even more pictorial. Perfect for lovebirds, Kashmir is a total escape for people in love. Rejoice your passion with the spine-chilling weather of Kashmir accompanied by fresh snowfall and unusual backdrops. Couples who can’t live without adventure can too pacify their adventure lust with a pool of activities like sledding, trekking, skiing, and fishing in Sonamarg. However, there is a lot more than this to see and explore in Kashmir. We have outlined the best places to include for Kashmir honeymoon packages for couple.


Get on the whimsical Shikaras at Dal Lake or involve yourself in an adventure like water skiing on Nagin Lake or just experience the migratory birds in Dachigam Wildlife Sanctuary. The list doesn’t end here you can also walk around Mughal gardens and, witness the authenticity of the monuments like the Jama Masjid, Hazratbal Shrine, and the Shankaracharya temple.


With the mesmerizing view of the Shivalik Range, covered by dense towering pine and cedar trees, Patnitop is unmistakably one of the spots to see in Kashmir. For couples seeking adventure like paragliding, Patnitop offers opportunities in abundance. Not just paragliding but, you can also indulge in rock climbing, rappelling, and camping. And, if you are not much into adventures, walk around the white trails covered with snow and have the best time of your life.


Honeymoons are not complete without visiting Yousmarg. The place is an offbeat track that still remains untouched but, provides an ample number of events to make your honeymoon experience worthwhile. This place is dotted with numerous pine and apple trees, the alpine grassland of Dudh Ganga River and Tosa Maidan make it even more pleasing for a full day excursion.


Acknowledged as the gateway of the early Silk Route, the place is one of the most spectacular canyons in Kashmir. While you are in Kashmir, don’t forget to visit Gurez. The crystal-clear waters of the Kishanganga River offers an opportunity of river rafting.  The place is total bliss and calls out for an evening to spend with your life partner


While you take up your Kashmir Honeymoon Tour Packages, make sure to include Baramulla to it. The place is a treat to watch and is literally blessed with the natural bounties. Spend time bird watching at Manasbal Lake or get to see Wullar Lake, Asia’s largest freshwater lake for some scintillating views.


Long stretches of saffron fields here give you a feeling of utter peace and ask you to be a part of this naturalistic beauty. The Shikargarh is a must-visit place if you are an animal lover. The Shikargarh is popular for its wildlife and the charming views of Marsar, Tarsar and Nagberan mesmerizing.  Also, visit Aripal Nag, known for its exciting and healing water springs and take a dip into the magical waters of Kashmir

India First Private Train: Delhi to Lucknow Tejas Express Know More about and How to Book 0

The Tejas Express is India’s first semi-high speed fully air-conditioned train Introduced by IRCTC.The coaches of first Tejas Express of India, which runs between Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus, Mumbai and Karmali.There are 14 non-executive chair cars and they can seat up to 72 passengers each in 3+2 configuration. The coaches have energy-efficient LED lights and digital destination display boards. Coaches have bio-vacuum toilets, water level indicators, tap sensors, hand dryers, integrated braille displays, LED TV for each passenger with phone sockets, local cuisine, celebrity chef menu, WiFi, tea & coffee vending machines, magazines, snack tables, CCTV cameras, fire & smoke detection and suppression system

Tejas Express is first Private Train is running Delhi to Lucknow ,lucknow to Delhi. Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) which will operate the train, This is the first time that IRCTC has complete control over the operation and tickets of the train. Tejas Express run between Delhi and Lucknow  . Tejas Express running timing from New delhi to lucknow: Mon ,Wed, Thu,Fri,Sat &Sun

And Lucknow to New delhi running Date Mon ,Wed, Thu,Fri,Sat &Sun

Tejas Express run on 5th October 2019, the train carried 389 passengers.

Delhi to Lucknow Tejas Express Fare:

The fare for Lucknow to New Delhi Tejas Express will be Rs 1,125 for AC chair car and Rs 2,310 for executive chair car. The New Delhi to Lucknow Tejas Express ticket will be priced at Rs 1,280 for AC chair car

Book Tejas Express Ticket online

12586  Tejas Express Route and Schedule

Train No:  12586

Source  New delhi (NDLS)

Destination Lucknow Junction NER/LJN

Journey Distance 512km

Train Travel Time: Approx 6h 15 Min

Train Avg. speed : 82km/hr

Tejas Express Train offered many facilities like:

  • CCTV camera and automatic doors
  • Mobile charging outlets
  • State-of-the-art interior
  • Taxi hiring facilities on-demand
  • Personalized reading lights LED TV
  • IRCTC provides theft insurance of INR 1 lakh for their household items during the time of travel.
  • Pickup and drop baggage facilities between home and train seats.

A Guide to Plan Kerala Tour Packages 0

Kerala is known as God’s own country. The state offers perfect sceneries to have an amazing holiday which can soothe the heart as well as the mind of the visitors. The land attracts many wildlife enthusiasts along with the photographers due to its various National Parks that offers exotic flora and fauna to the tourists. Kerala has unique topographical features which give it a special place. Also, it has bordered the towering Western Ghats on the west and the Arabian Sea on the east that is why it stays green throughout the year.

Kerala has always been an enticing place for travellers that offer a never-ending the supply of attractions and, with Kerala tour operators, one can make their dream of vacations memorable for the lifetime. Below is the list of some places that one must visit during their trip:


It is also known as Kochi as well as the harbour town in Kerala; a full day visit of Cochin is worth doing. The destination offers many sightseeing places including Marine drive, Chinese fishing nets, Fort Cochin and many more. The place is also known for the beautiful Kerala backwaters tourist destinations that also draw tourist to the picturesque city.


Rested in the lush greenery, away from the chaos of the city life. Munnar offers a breath-taking beauty along with the tranquillity and serenity, which makes it an ideal tourist destination. Munnar is 140km far from Cochin and one of the most beautiful hill stations in Kerala. The place has a variety of tea plantations and offers many attractions and places to see near Munnar. It is a must visit place during a trip to Kerala as the climate is cold throughout the year.


Nestled among the thick forest of Kerala, the place is blessed with bounties of nature. Periyar wildlife sanctuary is one of the famous and largest wildlife parks in India. It is the best place to visit to explore the adventure as well as the valley. One can experience the bunch of recreational activities which combine well with the dense forests to provide excellent trekking trails for adventure enthusiasts.


The destination is famous for Kerala style houseboats. The experience of houseboat cruise is something that should not be missed. Houseboats give an astonishing feel than staying in a hotel. They have the dining hall, bathrooms and kitchens attached with rooms.


The place is encircled by the Arabian Sea and the state of Tamil Nadu. Referred to as ‘Evergreen City of India’ as well as the capital city of Kerala where one can visit the famous Sree Padmanabhaswamy temple, Museums, art gallery, Zoo and many more.  Thiruvananthapuram is its extremely famous tourist destinations which boast charming beaches, alluring temples, historic monuments, spectacular palaces, wonderful backwaters, tea, coffee and spice plantations. The natural beauty of the city can be a treat to your eyes. Apart from the landscapes, beauty, and the attractions, the people of Kerala are hospitable, and therefore the south india tour provide an overall good experience to the travellers.

Things you should know about USA 0

The country which covers the 50 states of North America, Alaska Hawaii and extended nations of the pacific ocean.  The capital Washington DC is the global center of finance and the cultural center. Chicago is known for its influential architecture, on the west coast. One major city, Los Angeles, is famous and gained its fame from the Hollywood film making.

When you are talking about the American Experience it consists of beaches, bluegrasses redwood forest, and snow-covered peaks. Hundreds of restaurants, for the food-loving people.  

Cultural Behemoth

When it comes to cultural contributions and architecture, the USA has given a lot.

There are a few points you should defiantly go through before you travel to the U.S.A and make your travel experience one of the most memorable ones.  With the beautiful architecture and culture displaying the in-depth knowledge of the country. 

 New York tour is famous for its modern era paintings with great architects. Music like Jazz, funky Hip Hop songs and rock and roll music. America has brought modern music in trend. 

The US is a Food-Loving Nation

The evening of the city serves amazing cuisine and street food. The must-try dishes are barbecue ribs with the smoking hot sizzler’s.

You will find the amazing blend of organic foods with Asian elocution and makes themselves one of the top shot tastemaker amongst the nation. The mix of old Delhi in Manhattan upper west side, oyster and champagne from California and tacos from Korean. These are the best place in the country, which will never let down you when it comes to taste ad variety of food. 

As long as the massive rush is towards the New Year’s Eve, the intensity is the charm of celebration at the destination.  The major attraction in the streets of the country full of live entertainment and music. You will find amazing surprises at the stores for you, to make sure when you celebrate your new year’s eve in the USA it is never forgettable. You can head towards the family vacation in Hawaii or enjoy the block parties in the stores of Vegas, the ball drop in New York is a must. You will explore plenty of options to enjoy and full fill your desire during the holidays in the USA. There are plenty of places that ensure that the New Year party in the USA is a truly memorable event in one’s life. 

Las Vegas

 If you are a party addict then Las Vegas is the one-stop place for the party addicts in the festive season. Over 3 lakh people come to visit this destination at the time of the New Year’s Eve. All the traffic is transformed into a giant block of the party hub. The fireworks, casinos at the time square ball drop, clubs and live entertainment celebrities ranging through the night leave you to spell bounded. 

The jaw-dropping panoramic views from the sky lofts at MGM are a must-visit place. 

This is one shot party destination for all the party lovers. Just a perfect place for the people who only know party Party Party….. And enjoy it to the fullest.   

 Road Trips are The Best

The country roadside is full of picturesque serene. The open sky with 4 million miles of the highway with red rock desert. Mountains peaks and the large fields of farm towards the horizon. The sun-bleached hillsides and the plains covering the sides by the lush full rain forest.  If you are the lover of the long road trips then the USA will never disappoint you. From the starting of the scenic country routes with the continuation of the blue sky and the plain highways.

Do you need a visa to go for USA?

if you are visitng to USA. you need a visa prior to travel to the USA